Sambar Rice

700CD23A-F8EE-4449-80E0-2A951F0F226DSambar rice

Sambar rice is simple, quick and flavoursome one pot meal even the beginners can prepare it very easily. I’ve used potatoes, drumsticks, beans, onions and tomatoes which are readily available at home.  Tempering is done with mustard, cumin and fenugreek seeds in oil. Chopped onion pieces are sautéed in oil and remaining chopped veggies are also added. Rice and toor dal are soaked in water. Soaked rice and toor dal are added to the sautéed vegetables. Required amount of water and spices are added to the entire mixture. They are steamed in a pressure cooker for 5/6 whistles and later required amount of salt and tamarind extract are added. Here I present delicious  sambar rice which can be served on any busy day. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!

Author: Akshayakumbham 

Course: Rice 

Cuisine: South Indian 

Servings: 4


Rice: 1 1/4 cup

Toor dal/red gram/pigeon peas: 3/4 th cup

Onion: 1 no. Big

Tomatoes: 1 no. Big

Potatoes: 1  no. Big

Drumsticks: 2 nos.

Beans: 50 gms. Or 10-15 nos.

Tamarind: lemon sized

Homemade Sambar Powder: 2 tsp(Click on the link for detailed recipe)

MTR bisibele bath powder: 1 tsp(Optional)

Green chillies: 1/2 nos.

 Salt: As required 

Water: 5 -5 1/2 cups(Approximately)


Oil: 1 tbsp

Mustard seeds: 1 tsp

Fenugreek seeds: Few

Cumin seeds: 1 tsp 

Asafoetida: A pinch

Boondi mixture: 1/2 tbsp(Optional)

Method of preparation:

  1. Take required quantities of vegetables and rinse well with water. Chop them into bite sized pieces and keep aside.BDBA9C71-CD90-4CE8-866A-E519E1068BCA
  1. Meanwhile take 1 1/4 th cup of rice and 3/4 th cup of toor dal in a vessel. Rinse once with water and soak them in enough water. Soak tamarind in enough water.8EC603CB-1F3C-4DE0-A356-D7185C7DD7BB
  1. Heat small pressure cooker(3l capacity) and pour one tbsp of oil. Add mustard seeds, cumin seeds and fenugreek seeds.130BCC8E-1F16-4E78-9065-CC3E2969A994
  1. When mustard splutter add a pinch of asafoetida and chopped onion. Add a pinch of salt too. E575DDAF-DB94-4452-8CB6-5F7DB534F075
  1. Sauté them on low flame. When onion pieces become translucent add turmeric, green chillies and drumstick pieces. Mix well and sauté again.A493ADBB-0DEB-4FE0-BB35-0B6DE3BE744D
  1. Now add remaining chopped veggies  and sauté on low flame for 3/4 minutes. 94E40E22-C1F0-49C8-96C6-8CE9DCE57A13
  1. Now add chopped tomatoes, homemade sambar powder and MTR bisibele bath powder too. Mix well and sauté for a minute. 1746E7DE-B80A-4ABB-BCED-545A60DDA0F2
  1. Now add soaked rice, toor dal with water. Also add required amount of salt. B2C02E07-91C2-458B-8E21-D98C1BB2B286
  1. Keep the lid and pressure cook for 5/6 whistles on high flame. Allow the pressure to completely cool down to normal temperature. 7B6F3D21-E185-4E9D-9FB7-F147132C70A0
  1. Open the lid of the pressure cooker and transfer the mixture into a pan. C258E9EA-EF65-403B-B576-A0703A5DB203
  1. Extract tamarind water and add this to the rice mixture. Mix thoroughly. 0588A071-85B1-4DF2-A30C-A2B5027F477B
  1. Check for salt and cook the entire mixture on low flame for five minutes. Switch off the flame. 69D8BEA0-873C-46A2-B32B-0F26A7ED73D5
  1. Now the piping hot sambar rice is ready to serve. Transfer the sambar rice into a Serving bowl and drizzle required amount of boondi mixture on top of the sambar rice.700CD23A-F8EE-4449-80E0-2A951F0F226D
  1. We can also relish sambar rice with any poriyal/stir fry along with curd rice. 56C2AC9E-CAA4-4001-BF9F-D40695AF9E89

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Kobbari Louz/Coconut Jaggery Laddoo

F89686A9-124B-453C-8DFF-356658AC4365Kobbari louz 

Kobbari louz/laskora is a traditional recipe prepared in South India. The recipe is very healthy n tasty with rich source of iron. Grated fresh coconut and organic jaggery powder are mixed and sautéed on low flame adding Half tsp of ghee and crushed cardamom powder. The sautéed mixture is made into medium sized balls and garnished with cashews. Here I present authentic recipe kobbari louz to relish anytime. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!

Author: Akshayakumbham 

Course: Desserts/Sweets

Cuisine: South Indian 

Servings: 10


Fresh grated coconut: 1 cup heaped 

Organic jaggery powder: Half cup

Ghee: Half tsp 

Cardamom pods: 4 nos.

Cashews: 7/8 nos. for garnishing(Optional)

Method of preparation:

  1. Take one cup of fresh grated coconut(Using one coconut) and half cup of jaggery.  Organic jaggery powder doesn’t contain impurities so we can directly use the Jaggery powder.9688D91E-D93A-4516-BEFF-827202C39C37
  1. Heat kadai, put coconut and jaggery together.DFA109DE-76C2-450A-9F69-28BBFF286FA4
  1. Mix thoroughly and sauté on low flame. 4F4DB85A-3F9C-4BC7-81A5-194C2448D9F9
  1. Crush 4 cardamom pods in a mortar pestle.C6AF07CA-DF09-4B02-9606-D92C012D191D
  1. Add ghee and crushed cardamom powder into the coconut jaggery mixture. 7D47CBE9-9762-41C8-A0E6-423DA8372D5E
  1. Mix thoroughly and continue to sauté till it leaves the sides of the kadai. It takes approximately 15 minutes.2D339F09-2780-47EB-952D-222BBEFD47D008D7CA88-0C30-40A9-BB09-D2DDA82DA0CE
  1. Allow it to completely cool down to normal temperature. Now make it into medium sized balls. 8A422DB0-15EA-4D5C-8812-C51E38E6FF75
  1. Transfer the prepared coconut balls into a Serving plate. Now They can be served right away. 9C31E823-2C04-4645-9C5F-8B9FA85C2AEC
  1. Now the kobbari louz/laskora is ready and Garnish each laddoo with cashew and enjoy.3A7A1230-BCED-4C37-8D2C-2CDC2983B531


kobbari louz can be used as stuffing for making coconut bobbatlu/sweet roti/puran poli and also kobbari poornam  boorelu.

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Pineapple Halwa

37726A8D-6691-45F0-A5DE-F4503C315D76Pineapple halwa

Pineapple halwa – Just melts in mouth with mesmerizing flavour. Pineapple halwa is prepared with pineapple pulp, sugar and corn flour adding cardamom powder and saffron strands. Pineapple pulp is sautéed on low flame and sugar is added. The mixture is cooked on low flame adding ghee in batches. Saffron milk and corn flour paste are also added. The pineapple mixture is cooked and cut into required size and shapes. Here I present delicious pineapple halwa to relish during special occasions. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!

Author: Akshayakumbham 

Course: Sweets/Desserts 

Cuisine: Indian

Servings: 10-15


Pineapple: 1 no.

Sugar: Half cup(Adjust accordingly less or more)

Cardamom pods: 3 nos.

Saffron strands: Few or 15-20 nos.


Ghee: 3 tsp

Corn flour: 4 tbsp

Milk: 2 tbsp

Method of preparation:

  1. Take one pineapple and peel the skin of it. 07BC66BA-22B9-40C2-8E17-7AE2D03659E6
  1. Take one fistful of rock salt and rub all the sides of pineapple with it. This process reduces the astringent taste of the pineapple. Now roughly chop the pineapple.A87E81CA-3558-4A32-9E06-6CDBE9E7C4E2
  1. Take a mixer grinder and put the chopped pineapple pieces. Blend them into a smooth pulp without adding any water. Keep some for garnishing.67980A9E-31A1-4E48-92CB-B4CE5E565B08D973E502-AF2C-4BFB-898C-B183C2C6232E
  1. Heat nonstick pan and pour the pineapple pulp into it. Mix well and cook on low flame.3E695265-5F34-46E0-B8EF-35BC8E58CBF4
  1. Meanwhile soak few saffron strands in two tbsp of hot milk.860BDC4D-B6C4-43DB-A12C-9031A0A2E475
  1. Now add half cup of sugar into the pineapple pulp. Mix thoroughly and continue to cook on low flame.11027553-2B3A-4D42-A0F5-C6DAEB7ABD4B
  1. Add crushed cardamom pods into the mixture and mix well. Also add one tsp of ghee into it.8E440119-2FFB-4411-9934-8D0A554BE348
  1. Now add corn flour to the saffron milk and mix thoroughly without forming lumps.7F39AE5D-A51A-4CDF-B97C-0FED29CEB6B6
  1. Now stir continuously and pour the corn flour mixture 34B85FAE-43F1-47A1-9D53-EF3AA14FAFE8
  1. Mix thoroughly and stir continuously for one minute. 046B0A99-6A81-4AA3-B5DF-D79267E989BB
  1. Now add two tsp of ghee and mix well.4E6EA888-E58B-423B-8245-242386F86377
  1. Cook the entire mixture on low flame till it leaves the sides of the pan. It will take minimum 15-20 minutes. Now the pineapple halwa is ready.23EB32ED-A331-48A8-A2A5-D97C4174BB53F78A7BC4-B7D0-4D80-9FE4-70515D4D9F59
  1. Grease a plate with little ghee. Now transfer the pineapple mixture onto the greased plate. Spread the mixture uniformly with spatula. Sprinkle broken cashews onto the pineapple halwa and slightly press them with ladle. Make impressions with knife to get required size and shape.8B85AAAE-05F1-4EEE-8B4E-714200D6DD41
  1. Once it comes into normal temperature, slice them.9BDB99DF-1771-4E69-A18D-12FE29A2EA88
  1. Now the delicious pineapple halwa is ready to serve.37726A8D-6691-45F0-A5DE-F4503C315D76



Transfer the pineapple  halwa into an airtight container. It stays good for one week if refrigerated.C5DDEC2C-E247-4CFC-8597-6C9B52C25936

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Pindi Deeparadhana/Maa Vilakku/Lamp with Rice Flour

7474034C-56CA-4D14-85E2-8040AC10B0C1Pindi deeparadhana/maa vilakku

Pindi deeparadhana(Lamp prepared with rice flour) is a ritual in almost all parts of Southern India for special poojas like sravana mangala gowri vratham and sravana sanivaram/Saturday Pooja.  Sravana mangala gowri vratam is a special family custom, performed by newly married women for five years  for the well being of their husbands. The vratam is performed in Sravana masam(Usually falls in August) on every Tuesday lighting five rice flour lamps(The minimum number of lamps are five and the number varies each n every year from five lamps to twenty five lamps depending on family traditions). Whenever we visit Tirumala(Abode of seven hills, Lord Venkateswara Swamy temple) also , we perform the pooja with pindi deepam(lamp with flour) and share the laddoo prasadam  with friends n family. We also perform the pooja for “Aadi krittika “ , auspicious day for Tamilians[Worshipping Lord subrahmanyeswara swamy]. Here I present how to prepare the pindi deepam during special pooja rituals with utmost devotion. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!


Rice flour: 4 tbsp

Cow ghee: 1-2 tsp

Jaggery powder: 2 tbsp(Adjust the quantity according to your preference)

Water: Few drops for binding

Vatti(Cotton wick): 1 no. {Ingredients for one lamp}

Method of preparation:

  1. Take required quantities of rice flour and jaggery powder in a bowl or plate.E1C7946C-BDFB-435E-8570-A953D99293C2
  1. Mix thoroughly dry ingredients. 28BF41B2-857F-42D8-9FDD-C29B82BFE717
  1. Now take pooja plate and spread some of the rice flour and jaggery mixture onto the plate and keep aside.6E72FEDB-72B1-44B5-B594-5EDF5E01200B
  1. Now drizzle little water to the remaining mixture, grease palm with ghee and knead it into dough. B6F1F06A-5021-4414-A466-FC43F737B947
  1. Make an impression with finger to get the shape of the lamp. 74A20DAE-C682-4D30-8208-C63318575949
  1. Place the lamp onto the pooja plate containing rice flour jaggery mixture. Keep cotton wick and pour required amount of ghee to fill the lamp. Now the pindi deepam is ready to perform the pooja rituals. Apply kumkum on four sides of the lamp.796694B3-2B9B-4008-96D7-D06A54296BB6
  2. Light the lamp. When ghee gets over we can eat the edible lamp as prasadam along with other delicacies or fruits. The black part of the deepam/lamp is very tasty.7474034C-56CA-4D14-85E2-8040AC10B0C1681E6918-C35E-4F95-8F2E-597470FD4357

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Baby Corn n Cauliflower Manchurian

F5BE5998-B22D-4D2D-B6AD-4B2B9288DD55Babycorn n cauliflower Manchurian

This is an amazing evening snack to treat our loved ones. I’ve prepared the recipe using baby corn and cauliflower too. Chopped baby corn and cauliflower florets are coated with corn flour, maida and spices. They are deep fried in vegetable oil. Fried cauliflower florets and baby corn are tossed in soya sauce along with chopped ginger and garlic. Here I present babycorn n cauliflower manchurian which can be served along with onion cream salad. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!

Author: Akshayakumbham 

Course: Starter/evening snacks 

Cuisine: Indo Chinese

Servings: 3-4


Baby corn: 10 nos.

Cauliflower: 1 no. Small or one cup florets

Spring onions: Few or one small bunch

Salt: As required 

Black pepper powder: One tsp

Soy sauce: One tbsp 

Ginger: One inch piece 

Garlic flakes: 4/5 nos.

Maida/all purpose flour: 4 tbsp

Corn flour: 1 tbsp

Ginger garlic paste: 1 tsp

 Red chilli powder: 1 tsp

Vegetable oil: Required amount for deep frying.

Onion salad:

Onion: 1 no.

Fresh cream:  1 tbsp 

Salt: As required 

Pepper powder: Half tsp

Red chilli powder: Half tsp

Coriander leaves: Few

Method of preparation:

  1. Now take enough water and blanch the cauliflower florets in hot water for four minutes. Later keep them in cold water and drain completely.2B5437D0-091A-4D33-A198-9DFDE7EDB865
  1. Now take baby corn , rinse well and chop into bite sized pieces. Rinse spring onions and chop into small pieces. Keep them ready.F7EB604D-9B2F-45DE-9172-B9CCFA8629DA05E6DAEB-BA37-4FD6-92FD-8A183C9B2C5A
  1. Take a broad vessel, put maida, corn flour, red chilli powder, ginger garlic paste and  required amount of salt too. Mix well.FC4CBCE5-CEA8-4F93-B5B0-679D0818612F
  1. Now add blanched cauliflower florets and baby corn pieces. Wet your hands and mix thoroughly to coat well.EEFB5262-09FD-4223-BAAC-178EF7E5FADB
  1. Heat kadai and pour oil for deep frying.35F0A384-4B31-452B-9810-D2DB5D1AEB5F
  1. Now put cauliflower florets and baby corn pieces  into oil. 4165741D-EEAD-4F90-8ECA-A5D22DEC8E53
  1. Deep fry them on medium to high flame till they are done completely.976298E2-07E6-4040-A48A-25726F51045D
  1. Transfer them onto a plate containing kitchen paper towel to absorb excess oil. 740A381E-E0B9-4E55-8099-2D5E0E428B90
  1. Likewise fry the remaining baby corn and cauliflower florets in batches and transfer them onto a plate. DF2D9048-3942-47B4-9C9D-46D1ADA43B8D
  1. Heat a pan and pour little oil. Add chopped ginger and garlic pieces. Sauté for a minute.2DB4F6D1-FA27-45F2-847C-349D82CBEDEE
  1. Now add chopped spring onion whites and greens too. Keep some for garnishing.A2DCE482-C5A8-49F7-8340-3F83B844CAF5
  1. Sauté well and add soya sauce. Mix thoroughly. 372167F6-EC9E-435A-9B70-5D274AF651772609C04D-672C-4AC0-8F47-3689046F70E5
  1. Now add fried baby corn and cauliflower florets. Also add pepper powder and mix well. Toss them for two minutes.C727835A-8DD8-4FFA-BE22-8712E19E4ED4282AE95D-DA6D-453A-8187-3ACCE0BD754B
  1. Now the baby corn n cauliflower manchurian is ready to serve. Transfer the baby corn n cauliflower manchurian onto a Serving plate. Garnish with chopped spring onion greens and serve with onion salad.A0A334FD-40E6-4BD3-B894-731CDBBB93FF


Onion salad preparation:

Take a small bowl and add one tbsp of fresh cream. Put salt, pepper powder and red chilli powder. Mix thoroughly. Now add chopped onion pieces. Mix thoroughly. Now the onion salad with cream dressing is ready.



  1. I’ve not added tomato ketchup, if you prefer  you can add that too. After adding soya sauce, you can also add corn flour water mixture for a glossy texture.
  1. In the above recipe I’ve used the combo of baby corn and cauliflower florets, instead you can prepare either gobi/cauliflower manchurian or baby corn manchurian separately.


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Lunch Menu # 17

AAE5DE09-3B65-4AF0-86D1-EA42264891CCLunch menu # 17

Today I’m posting my lunch menu # 17. It comprises of stuffed ladyfinger/bhendi, dosakaya chintakaya pachadi/cucumber chutney and nune vankaya pulisu(Brinjal stew) along with steamed rice, dollop of ghee and curd. Here I present tasty lunch menu # 17 to relish anytime. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!


Steamed Rice


Stuffed Ladyfinger


Dosakaya Chintakaya Pachadi


Nune Vankaya Pulusu/Bringal Stew





I prepare stew with either purple or light green brinjals depending on the availability(Recipe is the same for both coloured brinjals).

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Roasted(Oven) Gobi/Cauliflower

B83850BC-6D69-45BF-A104-E8CB27D523C0Roasted(Oven) Gobi

Roasted Gobi/cauliflower is very tasty and we can serve it as a starter or evening snack for school going kids. I’ve used one medium sized cauliflower to prepare the recipe. Cauliflower florets are blanched in water and marinated for 20 minutes in fresh cream(Medium fat) adding spices. The marinated cauliflower florets are placed in a baking tray with greased parchment paper. They are oven roasted @190degrees centigrade in a preheated oven for 20-25 minutes. Here I present delicious roasted gobi which can be served with mint curd chutney. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!

Author: Akshayakumbham 

Course: Starters/snacks 

Cuisine: Indian

Servings: 2-3


Cauliflower: 1 no. Medium sized

Fresh cream(Medium fat): 3 tbsp

Salt: As required 

Ginger garlic paste: One tsp

Red chilli powder: 3/4 th tsp 

Garam masala: 1 tsp

Turmeric: Generous pinch 

Method of preparation:

  1. Take one medium sized cauliflower.F98A0E92-8EEB-48E8-8BA0-1D741C6115E9
  1. Separate the stem of the cauliflower. Chop the big florets into bite size florets. Rinse well with water and keep aside.CD580A22-C7C6-40E3-B3AA-E7711E493E92F21837E4-4330-4E83-8FBF-4BD2094D7AAE
  1. Keep the cauliflower florets in hot boiling water for three minutes to blanch them. E7655E19-FE4C-4C69-9CEE-49575210E815
  1. Now transfer the cauliflower florets into cold water to stop further cooking.0F955C3D-22E8-4EF7-9621-524C5138BA6D
  1. Take a broad vessel and put the ingredients mentioned above except cauliflower. Mix thoroughly.A47AED7A-DB84-4DE1-BEAF-E9840AAB414C
  1. Now completely drain the water and keep the blanched cauliflower florets. Mix thoroughly and marinate the cauliflower mixture for 20 minutes. 4F448141-F31D-4DDA-8E60-5C4F09FDD2F41A1B30C2-D088-470D-8336-BEC7078735E7
  1. Preheat oven@190 degrees for ten minutes.
  1. Meanwhile take parchment paper and place the paper onto baking tray. Grease with oil. Now place all the marinated cauliflower florets onto the parchment paper.96C72D46-A360-44D6-9459-8F5C8F687D55
  1. Bake them in a preheated oven@190 degrees for twenty five minutes or till they are completely roasted. 
  1. Take out of the oven and transfer them onto a Serving plate.1007E367-03E5-42D9-8106-2241B620A5CC5561A659-16C5-4586-BD8D-31178A755517
  1. Serve the roasted(Oven) gobi with mint curd chutney.6780E443-648A-4DFC-A349-7A4EEA23D5B0


Instead of fresh cream, curd can be used. One tbsp of began flour also can be added to enhance the taste.

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Stuffed Ladyfinger

BABE5093-253E-423C-A8A2-B963F08B1F81Stuffed Ladyfinger/Stuffed bhendi

Stuffed bhendi is one of the delicious recipes prepared with ladyfingers. If you’re bored with regular varieties with ladyfingers then definitely this recipe would be a hit. This is simple and easy to prepare but tastes amazing. Ladyfingers are slitted longitudinally to stuff them. Slitted ladyfingers are sautéed in oil. Later Onions and grated coconut are sautéed in oil. Sautéed onions, grated coconut are mixed with roasted Bengal  gram powder adding required amount of salt. The prepared mixture is stuffed in sautéed ladyfingers. All the stuffed ladyfingers are  sautéed for two minutes. Here I present delicious stuffed ladyfinger recipe to relish any day. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!

Author: Akshayakumbham 

Course: Side dish

Cuisine: Andhra/Telangana, India 

Servings: 4


Ladyfinger/bhendi/okra: 250 gms.(Approximately)

Gulla Sanaga Pappu Podi (Roasted Bengal Gram Powder): 7 tsp ( Please click on the recipe link)

Salt: As required 

Onion: 1 no. Large

Grated fresh/frozen coconut: 1 1/2 tbsp 

Turmeric: Generous pinch

Method of preparation: 

  1. Rinse thoroughly ladyfingers with water and allow the water to drain completely.D12F1827-375B-4791-825E-A2FC732AAA14
  1. First trim the edges of the ladyfingers. Now Slit the ladyfingers longitudinally and keep aside.7F9ECAAE-C77B-471B-8329-E8A735675CB6
  1. Heat kadai and pour one tbsp of oil. Put ladyfingers and sauté them on low flame. B7AACC23-5A71-40ED-8A1F-DB5CD62BA7DA08757C3E-FC68-4BD3-A8F6-E92E7E119728
  1. Continue to sauté them till they are done. 2E242630-509B-4927-B5CB-B4CFFAE913D2
  1. Switch off the flame and transfer onto a plate.26D88CA3-ED20-4231-B96B-EC1DE3360E79F0D230A0-F708-4DFE-980D-693554CEA711
  1. In the same kadai, put one tsp of oil and add chopped onion pieces.555E892E-FB74-419E-8D57-C403C4BD6470
  1. Sauté them on low flame. Also add a pinch of salt and turmeric.276F8048-50B3-4E2A-856D-57C5E49CAB42
  1. Mix well and sauté till the onion pieces turn into translucent.4957BA29-1537-4990-BB75-1C994CA6F609
  1. Now add grated coconut and mix well.AA00C7CF-218B-4A50-B0E5-8FAB7FEB6350
  1. Sauté the onion and grated coconut mixture for one more minute.F5E17623-11FE-42F9-9E23-8E2DF6679DB3
  1. Transfer the mixture onto a plate.BA0A43CD-9EAE-4F60-B86C-05BC9B3897B3
  1. Now add roasted Bengal  gram powder(Instead of roasted gram powder, you can add besan flour, dry coconut powder, chopped garlic, red chilli powder and required amount of salt too. After stuffing sauté for five minutes or till the raw smell of began flour goes away).8E69690E-29A9-4ACA-A885-84B6314F42A2
  1. Drizzle little water and mix thoroughly to get uniform mixture. Check for salt and add if required any because roasted gram contains good amount of salt.3C9CE880-2F32-4454-934B-39E5CCFA14BA
  1. Now take ladyfingers and stuff them with roasted gram powder mixture. ABB727F8-0621-49F3-9D58-DD54B7D1F603
  1. Now again sauté the stuffed ladyfingers for two minutes. 1641CFB5-931D-4B7C-88F8-9E63E41DE7B4
  1. Switch off the flame and transfer the stuffed ladyfingers into a Serving plate.C0D34466-6F23-43F4-9194-179DD1897E45FA964257-B1F6-4F86-B295-565B68F15193Serve stuffed ladyfinger with hot steamed rice, cucumber chutney and radish sambar.9CA4340F-8C62-4BE8-98F9-D3759C070B0A

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Strawberry Cake(Eggless)

38BB0EA6-8016-4AA6-934A-D04F56D92BCDStrawberry cake

Recently my son turned eleven years. We celebrated this joyful moment with strawberry cake. The cake was very moist and fluffy too. All the kids thoroughly enjoyed it till the last crumb. I’ve used maida, condensed milk, medium fat cream and strawberries as main ingredients. Baking powder, baking soda, strawberry flavour and a pinch of salt are added. I’ve not used any vegetable oil or butter for a change. Wet ingredients are mixed thoroughly with wired whisk. Sifted dry ingredients are mixed with wet ingredients. The prepared cake batter is poured into a loaf pan which contains greased parchment paper. Bake the cake batter in a preheated oven @ 180 degrees for 30 minutes.  Allow the baked cake to completely cool down. Frosting is done with strawberry frosting. Here I present scrumptious strawberry cake to relish during birthday parties.  Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!

Author: Akshayakumbham

Course: Cakes/Desserts 

Cuisine: World

Servings: 8-10


Maida/all purpose flour: 1 1/2 cups 

Condensed milk: 300 ml

Fresh cream(Medium fat): 100 ml

Strawberries(Frozen): 8 nos.

Baking powder: 1 tsp 

Baking soda: 1/4 th tsp

Salt: A pinch

Strawberry essence: Half tsp

Method of preparation:

  1. Keep all the necessary ingredients ready to prepare the cake. DCA1CCA3-C312-43F0-BA94-1F165619FE30
  2. I’ve used frozen strawberry berries to prepare the cake. So I’ve kept them for thawing for 30 minutes. Rinse well with water before making them into pulp. 6DF1D942-E12C-4975-93A7-1EF882B7669F8B05087E-245C-4F58-99CB-A0BD97C57EA3
  1. Transfer the strawberries into a mixer grinder. A934D501-89AD-40C6-BB89-CF22F6F89ED1
  1. Grind the strawberries into a pulp and keep aside.1068254A-FEF8-4895-A202-7C1FC1831074
  1. Transfer 300 ml of condensed milk into a mixing bowl. Also add 100 ml of fresh cream. 12DCF889-0BE2-48B8-968A-6D53BC0E56E5
  1. Whisk vigorously using a wired whisk. Now add strawberry pulp to the condensed milk mixture. Also add strawberry essence to enhance the flavour.0C9E8847-C9E4-4F4B-892A-216341650E9F
  1. Mix again using wired whisk.5F763C1C-7F01-4DD0-8B65-14594CE707B6 
  1. Now we have to add dry ingredients to the wet ingredients.
  1. Meanwhile preheat oven at 180 degrees for ten minutes.
  1. Sift maida, baking powder, baking soda and a pinch of salt directly into the wet ingredients.AB23BADE-56CB-4754-9B8C-4EDAE09906F9
  1. Gently mix the ingredients with wired whisk. The batter should have pouring consistency.FEDA1BFC-6437-4CA7-8F6D-FE7985373743
  1. Take a loaf pan or cake mould, place the parchment or butter paper and grease with little oil. 
  1. Transfer the cake batter into the loaf pan and gently tap the mould. Also make impressions with fork to get even surface.D240CCDC-1556-4EF5-98B1-5BB551E1DCA4F1CE5005-EE5F-4691-88C4-26FC8537AF4E
  1. Now place the loaf pan in a preheated oven and bake the batter @180 degrees for 30-35 minutes. {Heat bottom element on througout baking, after sometime heat the top element for few minutes}. 3298B03F-F411-4B46-98FB-DD8C58081F09
  1. Insert a toothpick and check whether it’s done or not. If not bake the cake for few more minutes.
  1. Take the cake out of the oven and allow it  to completely cool down.222D1C87-8826-4A3B-9F6A-964DD7563A1A
  1. Now the cake is ready to serve without frosting. I’ve prepared strawberry frosting also. 

Strawberry frosting 


Strawberries(Fresh/frozen): 6 nos.

Soft butter: 3 tbsp 

Sugar: Half cup+ 4 tsp [Half cup for frosting and 4 tsp for sugar solution]

Water: One fourth cup(Approximately)

Dried strawberries and cranberries: 2 tbsp(Optional){For garnishing}

Method of preparation:

  1. The cake should be completely cool down to normal temperature before making frosting. It will take approximately 2-3 hours. 8F62CF72-4DD6-4020-8FD6-B089E90AC582
  1. Take a vessel put 4 tsp of sugar and add one fourth cup of water. Mix thoroughly and heat the sugar solution for one minute. Allow the sugar solution to cool  down. Keep aside.0DF87469-2B7A-4F98-8CCC-3ACB0349F53C308264D2-010E-46B4-B984-EDEF73CD7396
  1. Take a mixing bowl, put 3 tbsp of soft butter(If it is refrigerated keep out one hour before making the frosting depending on the local climatic conditions). 3EDD5282-1BF9-423D-87C1-E5A56C4917C8
  1. Take required amount of sugar in a mixer grinder. E374BD56-3F8E-4E21-A73A-9190453C4611
  1. Grind the sugar to get powdered sugar or icing sugar.11DA176B-09A2-4C08-BF1F-D405D1744172
  1. Transfer the powdered sugar in two or three batches into the soft butter and mix thoroughly. D1A5F209-109E-4A54-9DA4-26EE54A885AEBA3F5F6B-3139-411F-85A3-F5FEAF4AEC89
  1. Whisk vigorously using a wired whisk(Approximately for ten minutes) till you get smooth texture.
  1. Now take strawberries and crush using fork. E011149A-AA67-42C4-AD93-D5F7AA544B0D
  1. Add this also to the butter cream. Also add few drops of strawberry flavour. Again mix vigorously for two minutes. Now the strawberry frosting is ready to go.5B6651D5-D98E-4414-A8E7-8D35C5C87ED97261E2F1-13BC-4BD5-A80B-F004853273BE20E06B6F-7BD8-45DD-B355-F4BAF7D285E5
  1. Now take the strawberry cake, slice it into two rectangular pieces(you can cut into whatever shape you prefer). Trim the edges evenly. FD8FD554-5137-4983-AD80-0A6AD37E7A74C860B28C-4D18-408D-8728-396D1399B05D
  2.  First pour the sugar solution onto the top of the cake evenly so that it absorbs sugar water and stays moist. Now spread the strawberry frosting onto the cake evenly on all sides(Except bottom side).153D9360-A511-4634-B4D6-8E315D55AF3E5A159CB2-EFB3-44EA-80B4-949D563FF95A
  1. Take dried strawberries, cranberries and garnish with them. 5D27FB73-1CAA-4582-BBD2-12DB4602DFB07875AB50-321D-466A-9F85-4624E003EDB1
  1. Now the ravishing strawberry cake is ready to grace the occasion. 38BB0EA6-8016-4AA6-934A-D04F56D92BCD

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Chow Chow Bath

4394681E-22ED-4493-A9A1-C495FD4AF58BChow Chow bath

Chow chow bath is Karnataka state’s signature dish where Khara bath/tomato bath(Upma) and kesari bath/rava kesari served together along with coconut chutney. I’m a big fan of tomato upma as well as rava kesari. Serving both together for breakfast with coconut chutney is a big feast for me. Usually I prepare this recipe for special occasions. 

Already I’ve posted tomato bath in my previous recipe and pineapple kesari, coconut chutney in my earlier recipes. Here I present chow chow bath recipe to relish during special occasions or anytime whenever wanted. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!

Author: Akshayakumbham

Course: Breakfast 

Cuisine: Karnataka, India 

Servings: 4 

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