9F75C3FA-920B-47BF-90E7-A3A56D0C9D88Lunch menu # 19
Can’t take your eyes 👀😍 off!!!
Today I’m posting my lunch menu # 19. The festive meal is elaborate which comprises of small  banana slices, vadapappu, panakam , mudda pappu, pulagam, lemon rice and curd rice(Top row); kajjikayalu, chimmili, Rava laddoo, janthikalu, Oma podi, atukulapayasam, rice with sambar and carrot stir fry(Bottom row) along with salt. The special meal I’ve prepared on Varalakshmi vratham day and I’m posting now with all the recipe links. Usually we prepare nine varieties(Rava laddoo, kajjikayalu , chimmili, janthikalu, Oma podi, atukula payasam, pulagam, lemon rice and curd rice  along with other delicacies) for offering to God as naivedhyam for this special vratam. Soaked brown peas are also offered as naivedhyam to God and distributed later. Here I present my lunch menu # 19 (no onion no garlic) to relish during pooja rituals. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!
I’ve prepared mudda Pappu with toor dal.

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