Saggu Biyyam (Sago) Pakodi


Saggu Biyyam (Sago) Pakodi

Easy, tasty, healthy and mouth watering snack for every taste bud – Saggu biyyam pakodi. Njoy Cooking, Serving and Savoring!

Saggu Biyyam Pakodi 2


Sago: 1 cup

Thick curd: 2 cups

Carrot: 1 (grated)

Coriander: 1 small bunch

Green chillies: 2/3 nos

Onion big: 1

Oil: for deep frying

Salt as required

Rice flour: 2 tbsp( for binding)

Optional: can add garam masala / ginger garlic paste

Method of Preparation:

  1. Wash one cup of sago and soak in 2 cups of thick curd/yogurt with required amount of salt for 4-5 Hours.
  2. Add grated carrot and finely chopped onion, green chillies,rice flour and coriander and mix well.Saggu Biyyam Pakodi
  3. Take oil in a deep pan/kadai/wok for deep frying.
  4. Heat oil and check the temperature for deep frying.
  5. Make small balls of sago mixture and drop the balls slowly into the oil.
  6. Lower the flame to medium and fry the balls till they turn dark brown in colour.
  7. Transfer fried balls to a plat spread with paper napkins to absorb excess oil
  8. Serve them while hot.

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