Veg Hakka noodles

Noodles is the most favorite food for any kid. Any time any day you serve noodles they love it. Here I present a simple recipe to make noodles at home, just in time to satisfy your kids’ hunger. I added my favourite veggies. But you can choose veggies of your kid’s choice. Njoy Cooking, Serving and Savouring! 


Veg Hakka noodles: 150 gm

Carrot: 2 no’s

Beans: few (50gms)

Capsicum: 1 no.

Spring onions: Few, finely chopped for garnishing

Ginger: 1 inch piece (finely chopped)

Garlic: 5/6 cloves (finely chopped)

Green chillies: 2

Soya sauce: 1 tbsp.

Tomato ketch up: 1 tbsp.

Pepper powder: 1 tsp

Red chilli powder: 1 tsp

Salt: as required

Oil: 2 tbsp. for frying

Method of cooking:

  1. Heat a vessel and add 10 cups of water and add salt and few drops of oil. When it comes to a boil, add noodles into it.
  2. Cook the noodles for 3 minutes or till it becomes softVeg Hakka Noodles
  3. Strain the noodles using colander and transfer them to a perforated vessel, spreading them. Now immediately add 1 tsp of oil to avoid sticking of the noodles.Veg Hakka Noodles 2
  4. Meanwhile heat non-stick pan and add oil. Fry all the vegetables one by one (first beans and lastly capsicum) keeping stove on medium flame. Keep few chopped spring onions for garnishing noodles later.
  5. Once the vegetables are stir fried add pepper and red chilli powder. Fry them for few minutes.
  6. Now add soya sauce, tomato ketch up and stir for 2 minutes.Veg Hakka Noodles 3
  7. Add strained noodles and required amount of salt. Mix them thoroughly for 2 more minutes.Veg Hakka Noodles 4
  8. Switch off the stove and transfer them to a bowl, serve hot with tomato sauce.Veg Hakka Noodles 5

Simple Sweet Corn Soup

Needless to mention that kids always love to have soups. Here I tried very easy and simple sweet corn soup to impress my kids. Sharing the same with you. Njoy Cooking, Serving and Savoring! 


Corn flour: 2 tbsp.

Carrot: 1 no

Beans: 4/5 no’s

Corn kernels: 1/2 cup (frozen or fresh)

Salt: As required

Pepper: few crushed

Cilantro: few

Method of preparation:

  1. Boil the vegetables – carrot, beans and corn kennel for five minutes.
  2. Take corn flour in a small cup and add make a smooth fine paste adding water. Now add this to the boiling vegetables carefully without forming any lumps.
  3. Mix thoroughly and let it boil for five more minutes.
  4. Add required amount of salt and pepper and garnish with cilantro.
  5. Transfer it into a bowl and serve hot.Corn Soup

Onion Pacchadi


Onions big: 2 no’s

Tamarind: lemon sized

Urad dal: 1 tsp

Coriander seeds: 1 tsp

Chana dal: 1 tsp

Red chillies: 8/10 no’s

Oil: 1 tbsp.

Salt: as required

For Tempering:

Urad dal: 1 tsp

Mustard seeds: 1 tsp

Hing: a pinch

Method of preparation:

  1. Clean onion, remove the skin and cut them into big pieces.
  2. Soak tamarind for 10 minutes.
  3. Take small pan and fry urad dal, chana dal and coriander seeds till they turn into brown colour. Lastly fry the red chillies too.
  4. Now take a mortar & pestle, crush fried ingredients to a smooth powder and then add soaked tamarind discarding water. Again crush them to a smooth paste.
  5. Now add chopped onion pieces and crush again till the onion becomes into small pieces. Mix it well with spoon so that all the ingredients bind well.
  6. Transfer the pachadi into a bowl and temper using tempering ingredients.
  7. Serve the pachadi with hot rice and melted ghee.Onion Pacchadi

Semiya/Vermicelli Payasam

Payasam – The word and the way it sounds it self is like a treat. There are several types of Payasam. Here I present the one made with Semiya/Vermicelli. Njoy Cooking, Serving and Savoring!


Semiya/Vermicelli: 1 cup (roasted)

Sugar: 1 1/2 cups

Milk: 1 litre

Cardamom : 4 no’s

Dry fruits: 1 tbsp. (cashew nut, raisin and badam together)

Ghee: 1tbsp (for frying dry fruits)

Method of preparation:

  1. Boil milk and add 1 cup of semiya/vermicelli. Cook the semiya/ vermicelli in low flame, adding crushed cardamom, till it’s done.
  1. First fry the cashews & almonds in ghee and then add raisins till they bloat. Add them to cooked semiya/vermicelli.
  1. Switch off the stove and slowly add sugar. Stir it continuously until the sugar dissolves completely.
  1. Transfer to a serving bowl. Payasam can be served hot or be refrigerated for later consumption.Semiya Payasam


For payasam with milk, it is always advised to switch off the stove before adding Sugar. This is to avoid breaking of milk (sometimes)

Dry fruit milk shake

Dry fruit milk shake – Right combination of dry fruits is always a healthy diet. Here is a simple recipe, specially voted by kids. Njoy Cooking, Serving and Savoring!


Milk: 150 ml

Dates: 2 no’s (de seeded)

Raisins: 1 tsp

Cashew nuts: 4/5 no’s

Almonds: 2 no’s

Horlicks: 1tsp

Method of preparation:

  1. Soak all the dry fruits for half hour in Luke warm milk.
  1. Take a mortar pestle add all the ingredients with little amount of milk to make a smooth and fine paste .Now add the remaining milk and grind them together till it becomes smooth and frothy
  1. Transfer them to a glass with its froth beaming on the rim.

Now the dry fruit milk shake is ready to serve.Dry fruit milk shake

Cauliflower pickle (avakaya)

Cauliflower pickle (avakaya)

Feast on Food in Telugu family is never complete complete without lentils and pickles. No words can describe the heavenly taste of lentils and pickle topped with Desi Ghee (clarified butter). Here is the recipe for delicious pickle made of Cauliflower/Gobi. This is one of the favourites among my friends and is a must for any Potluck. Njoy Cooking, Serving and Savoring!


Cauliflower: 1 no (small)

Red chilli powder: 5 tbsp (heaped)

Salt: as required (approximately 2 tbsp)

Mustard powder: 2 tbsp
(Mustard seeds should be ground to a smooth fine powder using mixer grinder ).

Turmeric: 1 tsp

Gingelly oil: 2 cups

Method of preparation:

  1. Take the Cauliflower and separate them into tiny florets from the stem. Soak the florets in slightly hot water adding one spoon of salt for approximately 10 minutes.
  2. Drain the water and clean the florets in running cold water and set aside in a perforated vessel / basket.
  3. Place the florets in a plate spread with paper napkin to absorb excess water from the florets.Gobi avakaya1
  4. Let florets dry under sun for 2 hrs or dry for overnight when Sun is not willing to be out.
  5. Take the florets in a vessel add red chilli powder, salt, mustard powder and turmeric Mix the ingredients evenly.Gobi avakaya3
  6. Pour gingelly oil into the mixture and mix thoroughly with a spatula. (preferably wooden)Gobi avakaya4
  7. Let it settle for 1 hr. Check the salt and spices, adjust them according to your taste buds. Now the pickle is ready to serve with hot rice and ghee.Gobi avakaya5


  • Here for the pickle I used Three Mango Mirchi powder, available in super markets, which is less spicy, so that you can add more chilli powder for better texture and taste.
  • Gingelly oil is preferred for pickles. But if you choose to use ground nut oil/ sunflower oil heat it for 2 minutes and allow it to cool down to room temperature . Otherwise it will impart bitter taste to the pickle.
  • Anytime while grinding mustard seeds, just add pinch of salt In order to avoid bitter taste. The leftover powder can be used for traditional curries like sorakaya (bottle guard) Ava curry or beans Ava curry. (Ava in Telugu means mustard)

Chow chow pachadi(Seeme badnekay/ Bangalore vankaya chutney)

Chow chow pachadi(Seeme badnekay/ Bangalore vankaya chutney)

Chow chow (Bangalore Brinjal) is famous in Tamilnadu as well in Karnataka and few parts of Andhra Pradesh, usually used in sambar, kootu, curry or pachadi. Today I made pachadi with chow chow to relish our taste buds. Njoy Cooking, Serving and Savoring!


Chow chow: 1 no

Red chillies: 6/7 nos

Urad dal: 1 tsp

Chana dal: 1 tsp

Dhaniya: 1 tsp

Fenugreek seeds: few

Oil: 2 tbsp

Tamarind: small lemon size

Salt : as required

For Tempering:

Urad dal: 1 tsp

Chana dal: 1tsp

Mustard seeds: 1 tsp

Jeera: 1tsp

Hing: A pinch

Method of cooking:

1. Clean chow chow, peel the skin and cut into small pieces. Meanwhile soak tamarind in a cup of warm water.

2. Heat kadai and pour 1tbsp of oil. Add urad dal, chana dal, dhaniya and fenugreek seeds till golden brown colour. At this point add red chillies also and fry for a moment. Transfer them into a plate.Chow Chow Pacchadi1

3. In the same kadai add little oil and fry chopped chow chow pieces till it becomes soft. This takes approximately 10 min. Transfer this also to a plate and allow it to cool.Chow Chow Pacchadi2

4. Now take a mixer grinder and grind fried ingredients (except chow chow) to a fine powder along with red chillies.

5. Now add tamarind and grind them again.

6. Finally add chow chow pieces and just whip it for a moment.Chow Chow Pacchadi3

7. Transfer the pachadi to a bowl temper with tempering ingredients.Chow Chow Pacchadi4

Delicious pachadi is ready to serve with rice or idli even with dosa.

Tip: Here in this recipe I used only red chillies. Actually you can mix green chillies too. If you are using green chillies then reduce the quantity of red chillies or take both in equal proportions. Rest of the procesure remains same.

Pineapple Rasam

Pineapple Rasam – Sounds interesting and it tickles every taste bud with its tangy, sweetish, hottish flavor. Its easy to prepare with the right choice of pineapple. Njoy Cooking, Serving and Savoring!


Pineapple: 1 small cup ( finely chopped)

Rasam Powder: 2 tsp

Tomato: 1 no

Tamarind: small lemon size

Jaggery: 1 tsp

For Tempering:

Mustard seeds: 1tsp

Jeera: 1 tsp

Hing: a pinch

Curry leaves: A sprig

Coriander leaves: few

Oil: For tempering (1tsp ghee and 1 tsp gingelly oil)

Method of cooking:

1. Heat kadai and pour 1 tsp ghee and 1tsp gingelly oil, 5add mustard seeds and jeera. When it pops out add a pinch of hing.

2. Now add finely chopped pineapple and fry for a minute.Pineapple Rasam

3. Add finely chopped tomatoes and mix well. Fry everything for five minutes.Pineapple Rasam1

4. Now add 4 cups of water, curry leaves, turmeric, tamarind pulp, rasam powder, 1tsp jaggery and required amount of salt as per your taste buds. Bring it to boil for 5 minutes.Pineapple Rasam2

5. Garnish with coriander leaves. Now Pineapple Rasam is ready to serve hot with rice.Pineapple Rasam3