Cauliflower pickle (avakaya)

Cauliflower pickle (avakaya)

Feast on Food in Telugu family is never complete complete without lentils and pickles. No words can describe the heavenly taste of lentils and pickle topped with Desi Ghee (clarified butter). Here is the recipe for delicious pickle made of Cauliflower/Gobi. This is one of the favourites among my friends and is a must for any Potluck. Njoy Cooking, Serving and Savoring!


Cauliflower: 1 no (small)

Red chilli powder: 5 tbsp (heaped)

Salt: as required (approximately 2 tbsp)

Mustard powder: 2 tbsp
(Mustard seeds should be ground to a smooth fine powder using mixer grinder ).

Turmeric: 1 tsp

Gingelly oil: 2 cups

Method of preparation:

  1. Take the Cauliflower and separate them into tiny florets from the stem. Soak the florets in slightly hot water adding one spoon of salt for approximately 10 minutes.
  2. Drain the water and clean the florets in running cold water and set aside in a perforated vessel / basket.
  3. Place the florets in a plate spread with paper napkin to absorb excess water from the florets.Gobi avakaya1
  4. Let florets dry under sun for 2 hrs or dry for overnight when Sun is not willing to be out.
  5. Take the florets in a vessel add red chilli powder, salt, mustard powder and turmeric Mix the ingredients evenly.Gobi avakaya3
  6. Pour gingelly oil into the mixture and mix thoroughly with a spatula. (preferably wooden)Gobi avakaya4
  7. Let it settle for 1 hr. Check the salt and spices, adjust them according to your taste buds. Now the pickle is ready to serve with hot rice and ghee.Gobi avakaya5


  • Here for the pickle I used Three Mango Mirchi powder, available in super markets, which is less spicy, so that you can add more chilli powder for better texture and taste.
  • Gingelly oil is preferred for pickles. But if you choose to use ground nut oil/ sunflower oil heat it for 2 minutes and allow it to cool down to room temperature . Otherwise it will impart bitter taste to the pickle.
  • Anytime while grinding mustard seeds, just add pinch of salt In order to avoid bitter taste. The leftover powder can be used for traditional curries like sorakaya (bottle guard) Ava curry or beans Ava curry. (Ava in Telugu means mustard)

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