Home made bread pizza


Bread slices: 2/3 nos. (white/brown bread)

Cheese: 2/3 nos. ( depending on the number of bread slices)

Carrot: 1 no.

Onion: 1 no.

Tomato: 1 no.

Sweet corn kernels: 1 cup( frozen/ fresh)
Pepper powder: a pinch

Chilli flakes: few (Optional)

Butter: 1 tsp (for toasting bread)

Method of cooking:

1. Heat Tawa / nonstick pan and add little butter and toast the bread slices on one side till they become light golden brown.Pizza 2

2. Meanwhile wash and finely chop all the vegetables. Here I used veggies which are available at my home when I was making.

3. Turn the bread slices on to the other side and spread Cheese slices on it.Pizza 3

4. Place all your favourite and available veggies on the bread slices. Press them with a spoon or a spatula to gel well with cheese slices.Pizza 4

5. Toast them on low flame for 3/4 minutes or slightly lift them and see the bottom to check for frying.

6. Finally sprinkle pepper powder or if you want it to be more spicy then sprinkle chilli flakes or mixed herbs. Transfer them to a plate.Pizza 5

Now the bread pizza is ready to serve hot.


Here I used Amul butter and Amul cheese slices. You can use home made butter or clarified butter (ghee) too.

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