Idly Fry or Siyyali or Idly Upma

Many a times, Idlies are left over from Breakfast or from Dinner. And Idly being a healthy steamed food, how about making a dish from a dish. Here is the recipe for Fried Idly or Idly Upma or Siyyali. Njoy Cooking, Serving and Savoring!


Idlies: 3 nos.

Onion: 1 big

Green chilli: 1 no

Curry leaves: sprig

Oil: 1 tbsp (for tempering)

Salt: as required.


Urad dal: 1 tsp

Chana dal: 1 tsp

Mustard seeds: 1 tsp

Jeera: 1 tsp

Hing: a pinch

Method of preparation:

1. Heat kadai and pour 1 tbsp of oil . Add mustard seeds and when it pops add urad dal, chana dal and jeera . When they turn brown add pinch of hing into it.

2. Meanwhile cut the idlies into small pieces or smash them with your hand.

3. Add finely chopped onion and green chilli to the tempering and fry on medium flame for 2 minutes. Add curry leaves also.

4. Once onions are fried, add turmeric, required amount of salt (check the salt at this stage because already idlies contain good amount of salt) and chopped idli pieces into it. Mix well thoroughly and fry them for a minute.

5. Switch off the stove and transfer them onto a plate and serve them hot.Idly Fry

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