Neer Dosa or Coconut Dosa

Neer Dosa is popular cuisine from the land of Sandalwood, Karnataka. Best part of this Dosa is that it doesn’t require any fermentation. And Coconut always enhances the flavour of any dish. Here I present this fastrack, quick and easy recipe for “Neer Dosa”.


Raw rice: 1 cup

Fresh coconut: 3/4 cup (grated or finely chopped)

Salt: as required

Method of preparation:

1. Soak rice overnight or for 5-6 hours..

2. Take a mixer grinder, grind soaked rice, coconut and salt together adding water to a smooth fine batter. Add more water if required. The batter should be very smooth and of thin and flowing consistency.

3. Heat a non-stick pan, pour the dosa batter from outside to inside. Pour one spoon of oil on the dosa.

4. Fry dosa on both sides keeping medium to high flame.

5. Once the dosa is ready transfer it into a plate and serve hot with onion garlic chutney or even with honey.Neer Dosa 1


1. The batter should be watery and have thin pouring consistency . It should not be thick because cracks may form while making dosa.
2. Each time while making dosa should mix the batter well with the ladle from bottom to top.
3. While making any dosa if it’s sticking to the Tawa, just cut the edge of an onion and sprinkle little water onto the Tawa and rub the cut portion of onion on tawa. It will really work as a non stick coat and the dosas will come up effortlessly.

4. Tawa should be hot enough for the batter to bubble up immediately after its poured.

5. If fresh and tender coconut is not available, Use fresh coconut milk while grinding rice.

6. If you want Dosa to be real soft, cook dosa only on one side, four fold inside and transfer to a plate. Heat from one side will be enough to cook the other side when four folder

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