Pineapple Kesari

imagePineapple kesari

Pineapple kesari is my all time favourite!! Whenever I see pineapple I can’t stop myself making either pineapple rasam or kesari. Pineapple kesari is so delectable and luscious. Pineapple kesari can be served anytime along with breakfast or as dessert after meal. In South Indian marriages pineapple kesari is a must for breakfast along with idly/dosa/upma/pongal.Here I present juicy and mouth melting hot pineapple kesari to relish on any day. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!


Pineapple: one fourth  part or 3/4 th cup chopped pieces

Rava: 1 cup

Sugar: 3/4 th cup or 1 cup

Cardamom pods: 5/6 nos.

Water: 3.5 cups

Ghee: 2 tbsp

Cashews n raisins: Few

Method of preparation:

1. Heat kadai, pour ghee and fry cashews till they change into light brown colour.image

2. Now add raisins and fry them till they puff up well.image

3. Take one cup of Bombay rava/sooji.image

4. Pour rava into the fried cashews and raisins. Mix thoroughly.

5. Take one cup of sugar and keep aside.image

6. Fry the rava till nice aroma comes.image

7. In a separate vessel, pour 3 1/2 cups of water and bring it to boil.

8. Meanwhile take 1/4 th pineapple. Peel the skin and chop them into fine pieces. Remaining pineapple can be used to prepare rasam or can have as fruit.image

9. Put them in boiling water. Add sugar too.image

10. Now add crushed cardamom pods and boil for 2 minutes.image

11. Now carefully pour the boiling water into the fried rava. Continuously stir the mixture so that no lumps are formed.image

12. Cook on low flame stirring at regular intervals.image

13. When it’s done, mixture leaves the sides of the kadai.imageimage

14. Now the delightful pineapple kesari is ready to serve hot.image



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