Pesara Pappu/Plain Moong Dal

imagePlain moong dal

Moong dal/yellow lentil  is a comforting and nutritious food for all ages from toddlers to elderly people. The plain moong dal is served with hot steamed rice along with melted ghee. The plain moong dal is very tasty and so easy to digest. This moong dal is specifically prepared during no moon days or special ceremonies in Telugu homes. Here I present plain moong dal which can be served as a side dish to hot steamed rice. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!

Author: Akshayakumbham
Course: Main
Cuisine: Andhra
Servings: 4


Moong dal/pesara pappu: 1 cup

Water: 3 cups

Salt: As required

Ghee: 1 tsp

Method of preparation:

1. Take one cup of moong dal and dry roast in a kadai till nice aroma comes.image

2. Transfer the roasted moong dal into a heavy bottomed vessel. Rinse well with water and add 3 cups of water. If you’re using pressure cooker to cook moong dal two cups of water is enough.image

3. Cook the moong dal on low flame stirring at regular intervals till it becomes smooth and mushy.imageimage

image4. Transfer the dal into a serving bowl and dolloped with ghee. Now the plain moong dal is ready to serve with hot steamed rice.image



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