Lunch Menu # 7

imageLunch menu # 7

Today I’ve planned to post my lunch menu # 7. This is completely a traditional meal plan which I’ve prepared for harvest festival(Pongal/Sankranthi). The lunch menu comprises of Sakkara(Sweet) pongal, kobbari annam(Coconut rice), beans ava kura(Beans mustard curry), pesara pappu(Yellow lentils), mukkala pulusu(Vegetable stew), appadalu(Papads), gummadi kaya vadiyalu(White pumpkin fryums), nuvvula podi(Sesame seeds powder), bendakaya pachadi(Ladyfinger chutney) along with hot steamed rice and curd. The steamed rice is topped with one tsp of melted ghee. When we serve any festive thali(Meal) first we keep salt and then one or two chopped banana pieces sprinkled with sugar then followed by other delicacies. The dishes prepared for sankranthi festival are completely no onion no garlic recipes. A very healthy and wholesome meal plan best suits for the season. Here I present my lunch menu # 7 to relish during festive days or no moon days(Amavasya) or even special ceremonies too. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!


Steamed Rice


Sakkarai Pongal (Sweet Pongal)


Coconut Rice


Pesara Pappu/Plain Moong Dal


Beans Ava Petti Koora (Beans mustard curry)


Mukkala Pulusu/vegetable Stew


Nuvvula Podi/Sesame seeds powder


Bendakaya Pachadi/Ladyfinger Chutney




Please click on the recipe links for individual recipes.

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