Maagaaya is another traditional pickle from Andhra cuisine. Usually Avakaya and Maagaaya are popular pickles which are prepared in summer. Maagaaya has distinctive aroma because of the addition of roasted fenugreek seeds powder. Raw and fresh mangoes are chopped into slices. Generous amount of turmeric and salt are added. Chopped mango slices are dried under sun for one day. Dried Maagaaya slices are seasoned with Roasted fenugreek seeds powder and red chilli powder. Required amount of groundnut oil or sesame oil is added to the mixture. Tempering is done with mustard seeds, black gram and broken red chillies. Here I present Maagaaya with a mesmerizing flavour to relish with hot steamed rice and a dollop of ghee. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!

Author: Akshayakumbham
Course: Pickles
Cuisine: Andhra, India


Raw mangoes: 15

Turmeric: 2 tsp

Salt: As required or 200 gms (Approximately)

Red chilli powder: 150 gms

Fenugreek seeds: 50 gms


Groundnut Oil: 500 ml.

Mustard seeds: 2 tbsp

Black gram: 2 tbsp

Red chillis: 3 or 4 nos.

Asafoetida: 1 tsp

Method of preparation:

1. Take 15 nos. of raw mangoes and rinse them thoroughly. Allow them to dry completely. Roughly chop them into slices. Add turmeric and required amount of salt. Keep them in a bowl and close the lid. Rest them for three days.


2. After three days mix thoroughly.


3. Now squeeze the mango slices and dry them under sun for one day.


4. Now heat kadai and pour groundnut oil for tempering. When oil becomes hot, put mustard seeds and black gram. When mustard splutter add Asafoetida and broken red chillies into the tempering. Allow the tempering to cool down completely  to normal temperature.

5. Meanwhile dry roast the fenugreek seeds and allow them to completely cool down. Take a mixer grinder and grind them to a fine powder. Now add red chilli powder and fenugreek powder.


6. Add the prepared tempering to the dried mango slices and spice mixture. Mix thoroughly.


7. Now the tempting Maagaaya is ready to serve. Transfer the pickle into an airtight container. The shelf life of the pickle is minimum one year. Whenever required transfer little amount of pickle into a serving bowl.


8. Half tsp of Maagaaya is added to one ladle full of steamed rice with a dollop of ghee. Mix well and eat along with finely chopped onion pieces. Enjoy the flavours!!!



1. Always use clean and dry spoon to serve the pickle.

2. Store the pickle in an airtight glass jar or ceramic jar.

3. You can store the pickle in refrigerator to remain it’s colour and freshness too.

4. The Maagaaya is used to prepare Maagaaya pachadi. Maagaaya pachadi is prepared adding Maagaaya to curd. Seasoning and tempering is done. I’ll post the Maagaaya pachadi recipe soon.

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