Mango Falooda

imageMango Falooda

Mango falooda is a quite filling cold dessert famous in North India and also street food of Mumbai. Mango falooda is prepared with sweet basil seeds, falooda sev or vermicelli, mango pulp, saffron milk, vanilla and mango ice creams and a dash of Rooh afza. Mango falooda is topped with honey almonds, cashews , cherries and tutti fruitti. The subtle taste with crunchy texture of subja seeds, mesmerising flavour of Rooh Afza, saffron milk and ice creams blended with toppings take us to a different world. Here I present delectable dessert mango falooda to satiate our taste buds. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!

Author: Akshayakumbham
Course: Desserts/Beverages
Cuisine: North Indian
Servings: 2


Falooda seeds(Subja seeds)/Sweet basil seeds: 2 tsp

Falooda sev/Vermicelli: 2 tbsp

Rooh Afza syrup: 2 tsp

Finely chopped Mango pieces: 2 tbsp

Mango pulp: Half cup or 2 tbsp

Mango ice cream: 2 scoops

Vanilla ice cream: 2 scoops

Milk: 3/4 th cup

Sugar: 2 tsp

Saffron strands: Few

Dry fruits(Honey almonds n cashews): Few(For garnishing)

Tutti fruitti n cherries: Few for garnishing

Method of preparation:

1. Take two tsp of subja seeds in a cup.


2. Add required amount of water into it. Immediately after adding water they start swelling. Soak them in water for 30 minutes.


3. Meanwhile take 2 tbsp of vermicelli in a vessel.

4. Add 3/4 th cup of water and allow to boil.


5. Cook the vermicelli on low flame for five minutes or till it’s completely done.



6. Drain the excess water using colander and pour regular water to cool down completely. Keep aside.


7. Now take 3/4 th cup of milk in a vessel. Bring it to boil.



8. When it starts boiling add saffron strands and continue to boil.


9. When it reduces to half of its quantity add 2 tsp of sugar and boil for two more minutes.


10. Switch off the flame and allow to cool down completely.

11. After 30 minutes, drain the excess water present in Subja seeds using a colander.


12. Transfer the Subja seeds into a bowl.


13. Refrigerate sabja seeds, saffron milk and cooked vermicelli for one hour.

14. After one hour, take the sabja seeds, saffron milk and vermicelli out for assembling falooda.

15. Take two serving glasses, first put one tsp of Sabja seeds in each glass.


16. Now slightly tilt the glass and pour Roof Afza syrup in each glass so that Rooh Afza coats nicely. It gives very nice taste and flavour.


17. Now add few finely chopped mango pieces in each glass.


18. Now pour saffron milk into each glass. Keep some for another layer.


19. Now add cooked vermicelli in each glass.


20. Now add one scoop of mango ice cream in each glass.


21. Now add mango pulp into each glass.


22. Again put sabja seeds, chopped mango pieces, vermicelli and saffron milk. Now add vanilla ice cream.


23. Take honey almonds and cashews in a cup.


24. Slightly crush them in a mortar pestle and add them. Also add remaining finely chopped mango pieces.


25. Now add Tricolour tutti fruitti and cherries too.


26. Now the delicious mango falooda is ready to serve.


27. Serve immediately and enjoy the yummilicious falooda.


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