Instant Kobbari Podi/Coconut Powder

imageInstant kobbari podi

This is very handy recipe and so easy to prepare. Kobbari podi is prepared with fresh grated coconut. Bengal gram, black gram, coriander seeds are roasted with red chillies. Fresh grated coconut is also roasted for a minute. All the roasted ingredients are ground to a coarse powder. Here I present delicious instant kobbari podi to relish as an accompaniment to hot steamed rice or idly/dosa. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!

Author: Akshayakumbham
Course: Powders/Accompaniments
Cuisine: Andhra, India
Servings: 6 – 8


Grated fresh coconut: One small cup

Bengal gram: 1 1/2 tbsp

Black gram: 1 1/2 tbsp

Coriander seeds: 1 tbsp

Red chillies: 5/6 nos.

Salt: As required

Oil: Few drops for roasting.

Method of preparation:

1. Heat kadai, put Bengal gram, black gram and coriander seeds. Roast them in few drops of oil.


2. Roast the ingredients on low flame stirring continuously till they change into light brown colour.

3. Take one small cup of grated coconut and add grated coconut, red chillies too.



4. Roast all the ingredients for one minute and switch off the flame.


5. After switching off the flame continue to stir for one more minute and allow to cool down completely.


6. Transfer the roasted ingredients into a mixer grinder and add required amount of salt.


7. Grind them to get a coarse powder.


8. Now instant kobbari podi/coconut powder is ready to serve. Transfer the powder into a serving bowl. Serve with hot steamed rice and a dollop of ghee. The coconut powder remains fresh for 4-5 days if refrigerated.


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