Roasted Peanut Chutney Powder

image (7)Roasted peanut chutney powder
Roasted peanut chutney powder is a very good accompaniment to steamed rice as well as idly or dosa. This is very tasty and healthy recipe too. Roasted peanuts, roasted gram, roasted red chillies and garlic flakes are ground to a powder adding required amount of salt. Here I present moderately spiced roasted peanuts chutney powder to serve as an accompaniment.  Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!
Author: Akshayakumbham
Course: Chutney powders
Cuisine: Andhra, India
Servings: 15-20
Roasted peanuts: One cup
Roasted gram: 2 tbsp(Optional)
Garlic flakes: 10 nos.(Approximately)
Red chillies: 20 nos.(Approximately)
Salt: As required
Method of preparation:
1. Take one cup of roasted peanuts.
2. Take red chillies and garlic flakes. Dry roast them till raw smell goes away.
image (1)image (2)
3. Now add roasted gram and roasted peanuts. Switch off the flame and transfer onto a plate  to completely cool down.
image (5)
image (6)
4. Take a mixer grinder and transfer the roasted ingredients into it. Also add required amount of salt.
image (3)
5. Grind the roasted ingredients into fine powder. Mix well using ladle and grind once again.
image (9)
image (8)
6. Transfer the ground powder into an airtight container.
image (4)
7. Now the tasty roasted peanut powder is ready to serve with steamed rice and a dollop of ghee.
image (7)
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