Stuffed Ladyfinger

BABE5093-253E-423C-A8A2-B963F08B1F81Stuffed Ladyfinger/Stuffed bhendi

Stuffed bhendi is one of the delicious recipes prepared with ladyfingers. If you’re bored with regular varieties with ladyfingers then definitely this recipe would be a hit. This is simple and easy to prepare but tastes amazing. Ladyfingers are slitted longitudinally to stuff them. Slitted ladyfingers are sautéed in oil. Later Onions and grated coconut are sautéed in oil. Sautéed onions, grated coconut are mixed with roasted Bengal  gram powder adding required amount of salt. The prepared mixture is stuffed in sautéed ladyfingers. All the stuffed ladyfingers are  sautéed for two minutes. Here I present delicious stuffed ladyfinger recipe to relish any day. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!

Author: Akshayakumbham 

Course: Side dish

Cuisine: Andhra/Telangana, India 

Servings: 4


Ladyfinger/bhendi/okra: 250 gms.(Approximately)

Gulla Sanaga Pappu Podi (Roasted Bengal Gram Powder): 7 tsp ( Please click on the recipe link)

Salt: As required 

Onion: 1 no. Large

Grated fresh/frozen coconut: 1 1/2 tbsp 

Turmeric: Generous pinch

Method of preparation: 

  1. Rinse thoroughly ladyfingers with water and allow the water to drain completely.D12F1827-375B-4791-825E-A2FC732AAA14
  1. First trim the edges of the ladyfingers. Now Slit the ladyfingers longitudinally and keep aside.7F9ECAAE-C77B-471B-8329-E8A735675CB6
  1. Heat kadai and pour one tbsp of oil. Put ladyfingers and sauté them on low flame. B7AACC23-5A71-40ED-8A1F-DB5CD62BA7DA08757C3E-FC68-4BD3-A8F6-E92E7E119728
  1. Continue to sauté them till they are done. 2E242630-509B-4927-B5CB-B4CFFAE913D2
  1. Switch off the flame and transfer onto a plate.26D88CA3-ED20-4231-B96B-EC1DE3360E79F0D230A0-F708-4DFE-980D-693554CEA711
  1. In the same kadai, put one tsp of oil and add chopped onion pieces.555E892E-FB74-419E-8D57-C403C4BD6470
  1. Sauté them on low flame. Also add a pinch of salt and turmeric.276F8048-50B3-4E2A-856D-57C5E49CAB42
  1. Mix well and sauté till the onion pieces turn into translucent.4957BA29-1537-4990-BB75-1C994CA6F609
  1. Now add grated coconut and mix well.AA00C7CF-218B-4A50-B0E5-8FAB7FEB6350
  1. Sauté the onion and grated coconut mixture for one more minute.F5E17623-11FE-42F9-9E23-8E2DF6679DB3
  1. Transfer the mixture onto a plate.BA0A43CD-9EAE-4F60-B86C-05BC9B3897B3
  1. Now add roasted Bengal  gram powder(Instead of roasted gram powder, you can add besan flour, dry coconut powder, chopped garlic, red chilli powder and required amount of salt too. After stuffing sauté for five minutes or till the raw smell of began flour goes away).8E69690E-29A9-4ACA-A885-84B6314F42A2
  1. Drizzle little water and mix thoroughly to get uniform mixture. Check for salt and add if required any because roasted gram contains good amount of salt.3C9CE880-2F32-4454-934B-39E5CCFA14BA
  1. Now take ladyfingers and stuff them with roasted gram powder mixture. ABB727F8-0621-49F3-9D58-DD54B7D1F603
  1. Now again sauté the stuffed ladyfingers for two minutes. 1641CFB5-931D-4B7C-88F8-9E63E41DE7B4
  1. Switch off the flame and transfer the stuffed ladyfingers into a Serving plate.C0D34466-6F23-43F4-9194-179DD1897E45FA964257-B1F6-4F86-B295-565B68F15193Serve stuffed ladyfinger with hot steamed rice, cucumber chutney and radish sambar.9CA4340F-8C62-4BE8-98F9-D3759C070B0A

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