Lunch Menu # 18

E206F2FC-1A68-4A87-9FD9-2B7A4443AD8ELunch menu # 18

It’s time for a special thali. I’ve prepared this thali for Rakhi pournami.  The festival is celebrated on full moon day of Sravana masam which usually falls in August month. On this special day rakhis(Decorated threads) are tied around the wrists of brothers by their sisters. Special gifts are offered to sisters by their brothers and also feeding sweets(Ritually protecting brothers). I’ve prepared delicious thali for lunch which comprises of beerakaya telaga pindi kura(Ridge gourd curry with sesame seeds residue), bachali kura pappu(Malabar spinach leaves lentils), sakkarai Pongal(Sweet pongal with jaggery), kobbari annam(Coconut rice) and Chitti vadiyalu( Store bought Urad dal fryums) along with hot steamed rice and curd. Here I present Raksha bandhan/Rakhi special lunch menu to enjoy with family. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!


Steamed Rice


Beerakaya Telaga Pindi Kura/Ridge Gourd Curry With Sesame Seeds Residue


Bachali Kura Pappu/Malabar Spinach Leaves Lentils


Coconut Rice


Sakkarai Pongal (Sweet Pongal)DCC97AE2-229C-4025-BB16-6906E8326197



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