Oma[Vom] podi/karappusa

467A9273-813A-4CC6-84FB-AC0B37D9B46BOma podi/vom podi/karappusa

Different regional names but recipe is almost the same with slight variations in the proportions. Vom podi is South Indian snacks prepared with besan/chickpea flour as main ingredient. Rice flour and ajwain/carom seeds powder are added. Ajwain imparts nice flavour to the Oma podi and  good for digestion also. Besan flour, rice flour, required amount of salt and ajwain powder are added along with required amount of water. All the ingredients are mixed thoroughly to get smooth dough. Small amount of dough is placed in Oma podi press and pressed onto a perforated ladle/plate and then carefully dropped into hot oil for deep frying. Two or three Oma podia are deep fried at a time and transferred onto a plate containing kitchen paper towel. Here I present South Indian traditional recipe Oma podi/vom podi which can be prepared during festive occasions or like an evening snack too. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!

Author: Akshayakumbham

Course: Snacks 

Cuisine: South Indian 

Servings: 25-30 nos. Small sized 


Besan/chickpea flour: 2 cups 

Rice flour: Half cup

Ajwain powder: 4 tsp

Salt: As required 

Water: Half cup or As required to make smooth dough 

Method of preparation: 

  1. Heat Kadai and pour oil for deep frying. Meanwhile prepare the dough for Oma podi.C5A5FF5C-0EEA-49F4-80B0-7505355F3888
  1. Take two cups of besan flour in a broad vessel. 323E2002-AE3A-40D7-A234-2DBAF2453B92
  1. Add half cup of rice flour into it. 086102AB-5BEC-4542-ADCC-876B6339E16B
  1. Take a mixer grinder and grind half cup of ajwain into fine powder. D042C922-3261-4CE2-8DAE-6F662CA63C52
  1. Now add 2 tbsp of ajwain powder into the flour mixture. Also add required amount of water. Remaining ajwain powder I’ve stored in a container for future use. The ajwain powder is used to make ajwain water which aids digestion. The powder can also be mixed with little rice and can be eaten(Great relief for bloating). D956EB2C-3B0A-45EE-98C1-2F98FFFF896F
  1. Mix all the ingredients to form smooth dough. Also add two tsp of hot oil. Addition of hot oil gives nice crunch to the vompodi. 967F284A-4F44-4B0E-B0A8-F2878BC5D839
  1. When the oil becomes hot just drop one tiny dough ball into the oil. When the dough ball comes up then the oil is ready to fry. If not boil for few more minutes.B03EAAB0-CB5E-47EA-A3A3-0C1E45839CCE
  1. Take vom podi press and take small quantity of the dough and fill the press. Cover with the press maker.E487BF6F-ED0B-4F26-A156-65A2F4BE7C240C81CC09-357C-4BBB-BC1D-20A13C697437
  1. Now press the dough onto a plate. Then carefully drop it into the oil. Likewise make 3/4 Oma pods and drop them into the oil. 62EE54C6-7748-440F-855A-1DC30FE54E8EF65469B0-A5F7-4B15-A1B1-BD9B824645E9
  1. Fry them on high flame only. Fry till they turn into golden colour.
  1. Transfer them onto a plate containing kitchen paper towel.467A9273-813A-4CC6-84FB-AC0B37D9B46B
  1. Likewise fry the remaining dough in batches.E37D7DF4-8FC0-4AC5-BA2B-C1B7F9AAF762
  1. Keep them for five minutes. When they cool down store them in an airtight container.   Now the Omavom  podi is ready to serve for any occasion. They stay fresh n crunchy for 15-20 days. 5F5B812D-BF06-4A6D-9EBB-16EC6DB5A260



1. I have pressed the dough onto a plate to get small size Oma podi. If you want big ones,  directly you can press into the oil.

2. Few people prepare Oma podi without adding rice flour with tiny apertures which is North Indian Sev!

3. My exclusive traditional  Oma podi press.35945A16-4F71-49DF-961B-4D3417027281

4. I’ve added ground ajwain powder, instead you can soak overnight  3/4 tbsp of ajwain in water and that water can be added to prepare the dough.

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