Lunch Menu # 20


Lunch Menu # 20

Today I’m posting my lunch menu, which is Ganesha Chaturthi festival thali(No onion no garlic)!! It comprises of kudumulu, undrallu, vadapappu, panakam, panchamritham, pesarapappu payasam, bendakaya kura, spinach dal, dal vada, steamed rice dolloped with ghee,  coconut chutney, papad, cut papaya pieces and curd. Here I present Ganesha chaturthi special lunch menu # 20 to relish! Njoy Cooking, Serving  n Savoring!

Eco friendly Ganesha🙏🏻(Today’s pooja)


Naivedhyam – Offered to Ganesha!


Click on the links for individual recipes


Steamed Rice

Bhendakaya Karam Petti Koora (Spicy lady’s finger curry)

Vadapappu and Panakam

Pesara Pappu Payasam/Moong Dal Payasam

Masala vada

I’ve prepared dal vada without adding onion, ginger n garlic flakes.

Pidacha Kudumulu

Undrallu/Steamed Rice Rava Balls

Coconut Chutney/Kobbari Pachadi

Palakura Dosakaya Pappu/Spinach Yellow Cucumber Dal

Do not add garlic flakes while preparing tempering during special pooja rituals.




Panchamritham is just adding five ingredients milk, sugar/honey, curd, ghee and banana/dates. Pomegranate seeds or grapes can also be added. Mix thoroughly and offer to God as naivedhyam. This is very easy and handy recipe like vadapappu n panakam. We prepare panchamritham almost for all recipes.

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