Lunch Menu # 21

AA1899C2-39C5-47BE-B55E-210990B7F64FLunch menu # 21

Today I’m posting my lunch menu # 21 which is no onion no garlic Andhra thali served in eco friendly banana stem plates n cups. This special meal comprises of bendakaya vepudu(Ladyfinger fry), gongura pachadi (Red sorrel leaves pickle), Sorakaya/anapakaya majjiga pulusu (Bottle gourd buttermilk stew), semiya payasam(Vermicelli kheer) and papad along with steamed rice and curd. Here I present my lunch menu # 21 to relish during any festive occasions. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!



Steamed Rice



Bendakaya Vepudu/Ladyfingers Fry/South Indian Kurkure Bhendi


Gongura Pachadi/Red Sorrel Leaves Pickle


Sorakaya majjiga pulusu (Bottle gourd buttermilk stew)


Semiya/Vermicelli Payasam




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