Lunch Menu # 22

8B6BC065-BA63-4D06-96EC-A8DDB8EFFFCBToday I’m posting my lunch menu # 22, which I’ve prepared for Diwali. This is no onion no garlic festive spread. It comprises of steamed rice, colocasia fry, murukku/janthikalu, Ridge gourd lentils/dal, ridge gourd chutney, vegetable stew, butterscotch custard, rice flakes payasam and curd. Here I present my lunch menu # 22 to relish anytime. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring! 


Please click on the links for individual recipes!

Steamed Rice

Chama Dumpa Vepudu/colocasia fry


Beerakaya Pottu Pachadi/Ridge gourd Skin Chutney

Beerakaya Pappu/Ridge gourd lentils/dal

Mukkala Pulusu/vegetable Stew

Trifle Pudding/butterscotch custard(Check the butterscotch custard recipe in Trifle pudding)

Atukula Payasam/Riceflakes Kheer

I’ve prepared rice flakes payasam with jaggery. Here in this meal I’ve  Replaced jaggery with sugar to prepare rice flakes payasam. Remaining procedure is same as mentioned in the recipe link.


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Wheat Rava Halwa

95F8D137-3A23-4830-B0BF-B5654489A997Wheat rava halwa 

Wheat rava halwa is so delicious and healthy recipe. I’ve prepared this recipe for Diwali. Wheat rava halwa is Prepared with broken wheat rava and jaggery. Wheat rava is soaked in water for fifteen minutes. Dry fruits are roasted in ghee and required amount of water is added. When water starts boiling, soaked wheat rava is added and cooked completely. Jaggery syrup is added to the cooked wheat rava mixture and cooked furthermore till halwa consistency is achieved. Here I present tasty wheat rava halwa to offer as Naivedhyam on special occasions. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!

Author: Akshayakumbham 

Course: Desserts/Sweets 

Cuisine: South Indian 

Servings: 4-6


Broken wheat rava: One cup

Water: 3 3/4 cups

Cardamom pods: 3/4 nos.

Jaggery powder: One cup

Ghee: 3 tsp

Cashews and raisins: Few

Method of preparation:

  1. Take one cup of wheat rava and soak in one and half cups of water for 15 minutes.3F289AC5-9F74-462C-9FFE-A0B30C093786F9C83311-5FD8-49B3-A734-3F6B66DC829B
  1. Heat kadai and pour two tsp of ghee into it. Add cashews, raisins and roast them well. 0C6F2BCB-3847-441C-AC9A-24BCD711130C
  1. Now add one and half cups of water and soaking water too. Bring it to boil.83863ECF-CA0A-4E82-8A64-B83C0ED44DF7
  1. When it starts boiling add soaked wheat rava also. Mix thoroughly and cook on low flame.8E23126F-FEA5-4730-BBC7-6328C02D8EA1FFE122BF-53F3-4F9D-A24D-F1E481023D53
  1. Meanwhile, take one cup of jaggery powder in a vessel.09AD0BCD-89B9-40C7-9C9C-CF3BE5A0536E
  1. Add three fourth cup of water into it and allow the jaggery to melt completely. Add crushed cardamom pods and bring it to boil. 6E05896C-F7D9-495F-867A-A5AE7D001F1D
  2. When the jaggery syrup starts boiling, strain the jaggery syrup using strainer directly into the cooked wheat rava mixture. 168FA26E-29D3-4A9E-93CE-5683A2D470EBED24BA79-C514-4A32-9479-8C974C696F35
  3. Mix thoroughly and cook the mixture for five more minutes. Add remaining one tsp of ghee into it.E3C6CC6B-0DB9-412B-B55D-1880016AD30AE699ED11-08CF-4A66-B74F-E2BF122B2020
  4. Cook the mixture till halwa consistency is achieved and Switch off the flame. B59B88EC-EE76-4E9E-88DE-43671DD44A31E8FADB18-8090-4B44-B768-2E318CA77672
  5. Transfer the wheat rava halwa into a Serving bowl. Garnish with few cashews and offer the delicious halwa as Naivedhyam. Divine!!!AE363FB9-536D-4FB9-A12A-4A81A3E598FC6562A986-4D90-4E1F-B532-B5D56D05B3A2

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Diwali 2018

Wishing you all a very Happy, Prosperous and Safe Diwali! Stay blessed!!


Flower rangoli by kids 😊👆!!

I’ve performed Lakshmi pooja and offered wheat rava halwa as Naivedhyam.  I’ll post the recipe soon.


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