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I, S Mamillapalli, an MTech Grad from Anna University, encouraged by an MBA Grad from IIT, started this blog out of pure passion for Cooking. After completing my post-graduation in Civil Engineering from India’s one of the most prestigious institutions, I worked as Civil Engineer in few Govt. and  private organisations and later chose to be a home-maker. A choice with love for my kids and family.

I started this blog in October 2015, after continuous motivation from my friend who always relished my cooking. This blog is exclusive and dedicated for vegetarian recipes.

I have been cooking for the past 14 years. My culinary skills were inherited from my Mom and enhanced by my Mother in Law. Both the ladies are amazing cooks and have few incredible signature dishes to their credit. I am proud to have successfully stolen some of their treasured recipes. My husband is my best critic and complete credit goes to him for bringing the best out of me. The recipes posted in Akshayakumbham are tried and tested several times.

Cooking is an art. Each and every recipe is unique. Just like an artist, different hands trying the same recipe brings a different taste too. And I realized this truth only after I started cooking post wedding. Honestly, never knew the basics of cooking before wedding (Blame it for being a pampered kid). However, going by the lines ‘The best route to a Man’s heart is through his stomach’, I started trying several recipes with inputs and suggestion from Mom and Mom-in-Law. Here is my small attempt to share my learning through this blog. My recipes are simple with step wise pictures which are useful for many of the readers and to refer quickly.

Myth: Highly Educated Women can’t/Won’t/Will Not Cook. 🙂

“Akshayakumbham ” is to provide authentic recipes from grandma’s kitchen, traditional recipes for any occasion, kids recipes, recipes from different TV shows, culinary books or from friends and relatives. I have used farm fresh and handpicked vegetables from Raithu bazaars (Local Vegetable Vendors). Few vegetables and greens are from my mini garden.

Photographs are captured using iPhone 6. Have not edited the photographs much to retain its originality and appearance.

Feedback/suggestions for improvement are always appreciated and encouraged.

Copyright policy:

The blog is maintained with so much of patience in cooking, lot of effort while clicking pics and carefully drafted.

“Relish the recipes cooked with care and devotion.”

Thank you for visiting my blog “Akshayakumbham “. You can contact with me any time via email:

akshayakumbham@gmail.com or through contact in the blog.