F58A27B9-A263-409C-AEB0-6AA30131D32FAtukula payasam
Atukula payasam is super easy traditional recipe which can be prepared in a jiffy.  Hot milk is poured onto the rice flakes.  Crushed cardamom powder and organic jaggery powder are added to the rice flakes and milk mixture. Mix thoroughly till the jaggery dissolves completely. Cashews, almonds and raisins are roasted in little ghee and added to the payasam. Here I present delicious atukula payasam which can be offered as naivedhyam to God during pooja rituals. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!
Author: Akshayakumbham 
Course: Sweets 
Cuisine: South Indian 
Servings: 2
Thick Rice flakes/atukulu/poha: One small cup
Milk: Two and half small cups
Organic jaggery: 4-5 tsp
Cardamom pods: 3/4 nos. 
Ghee: One tsp
Crushed cashews, almonds n raisins: One tbsp 
Method of preparation:

  1. Take small cup of rice flakes and transfer into a bowl.454B50C5-481C-46CB-AC2A-1C6A9E6BF634
  1. Pour hot boiled milk(one and half cups) onto the rice flakes. Also add jaggery powder and mix thoroughly. 85840741-2D5C-4A73-A5BF-AB9B9655127F
  1. Heat kadai and pour ghee into it. Crush cashews n almonds in a mortar pestle. Roast broken cashews, almonds and raisins in ghee. D038AC05-C8DE-4D25-8B2C-70769AF14031
  1. Transfer the roasted dry fruits onto the atukula payasam. Mix thoroughly and allow to soak for 15 minutes. Add crushed cardamom pods too.7E0BCB16-8431-4355-944E-9B847733AD3C
  1. Now the tasty atukula payasam is ready to offer to God as naivedhyam.448367B4-0293-427B-B9DA-D5836475FD02 


  1. I’ve used thick rice flakes/poha to prepare the recipe. I’ve not cooked the rice flakes to retain their texture, instead if you want soft texture rice flakes can be cooked for three minutes in milk before adding jaggery. Thin rice flakes can also be added. After adding hot milk they turn soft and mushy.
  2. Sugar also can be added instead of jaggery. 

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