Fruit Salad

Fruits are one of the best gifts of God to us.Needless to mention that how important they are in our day to day life.Fruits are not only delicious but also impart so many health benefits.All of us should include fruits in our regular diet.So beat this summer with pulpy,watery,healthy and mouthwatering fruits.Presention also plays a vital role when serving fruits and vegetables to kids.It is especially important to present fruits in an appetizing way.Here I present simple seasonal fruits with honey dressing.


Mango: 1 no.(Banginapalli)

Banana: 1 no.

Apple: 1 no.

Green pears: 1 no.

Dry grapes: 1 tsp

Honey: 1 tbsp.

Method of preparation:

1. Clean all the fruits and peel the skin of mango , banana and apple .

2. Chop them one by one into cubes of required size. all of them onto a plate and pour 1 tbsp of honey .

4. Now the fruit salad is ready and can be served.Fruit salad can be refrigerated for sometime and can be served chilled also. image (1)


Apple and pears decolourises due to oxidation.So they should be consumed immediately after chopping them.Or can be stored in sugar water and can be served later whenever required.And also you can add favourite fruits like strawberries,cherries,kiwi and melon varieties.