Beerakaya Telaga Pindi Kura/Ridge Gourd Curry With Sesame Seeds Residue

10503561-A7F1-4E84-8247-D32853C06BE0Beerakaya telaga pindi kura 

Beerakaya telaga pindi kura is an amazing recipe with its awesome health benefits. Telaga pindi which is a residue of sesame seeds while extracting oil. Telaga pindi is very good for lactating mothers. It contains good amount of folic acid, iron, rich in protein content and calcium. We used to get them in cake form earlier. Now we are getting it in Powder form which is convenient to use. Telaga pindi  can be used for watery vegetables like ridge gourd, bottle gourd, snake gourd and drumstick leaves also. 

Today I’m  posting the recipe of telaga pindi kura. Ridge gourds skin are peeled and chopped into bite size pieces. Ridge gourd pieces are sautéed in oil till it becomes soft.  Ground red chilli n  garlic flakes, telaga pindi mixture are added to the sautéed ridge gourd pieces. Tempering is added to the ridge gourd telaga pindi mixture. Here I present super healthy recipe beerakaya telaga pindi kura  to relish anytime. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!

Author: Akshayakumbham

Course: Side dish/curries

Cuisine: Andhra, India 

Servings: 6-8


Ridge gourd: 750 gms or four nos.

Telaga pindi: One cup

Garlic flakes: 10 nos.

Red chillies: 6/7 nos.(Moderately spiced)

Salt : As required 

Turmeric: Generous pinch 


Oil: 3 tbsp

Bengal gram: One tsp 

Split Black gram with husk: One tsp

Mustard seeds: One tsp

Cumin seeds: One tsp

Curry leaves: A sprig

Asafoetida: A pinch

Method of preparation:

  1. Take 750 gms. Or four nos. of ridge gourd. Peel the skin and check for bitterness. Rinse well with water.1CA593B4-720A-40DC-AAFA-E238D5FE9DA4C540897D-D19F-4E1F-98E4-739E7797B7E1
  1. Chop the ridge gourd into bite sized pieces and keep aside.EB926E9F-ED54-4FBB-976E-E53F7F66DA3D
  1. Heat kadai, put garlic flakes and dry roast them on low flame. 1CB12CC0-9BD3-4326-9D79-1BB237374469
  1. When they slightly change colour, add red chillies and roast them too.83303B5E-B4A2-40AA-9B93-338C767EB466
  1. Transfer the roasted garlic flakes and red chillies into a mixer grinder and allow them to cool down.3EA2C0DA-925B-4F26-B5B7-2B0400A0E32B
  1. In the same kadai, pour two tbsp of oil for tempering. Put mustard, cumin seeds, Bengal gram and split black gram with husk. When mustard splutter add a pinch of asafoetida and curry leaves. Fry them for few seconds.DCB6B8CB-A7BA-48C7-B98B-715FF7FA0F52
  1. Transfer  the tempering onto a plate without oil. This tempering is added at the end of the preparation to retain its crunchiness.76171BAA-53F3-4699-B57E-175C0F16CDDF
  1. Now in the same kadai, add chopped ridge gourd pieces. 34505CA1-DFDD-4F3E-B7E3-A52A98C73804
  1. Now add turmeric and required amount of salt too. C3E725A9-0ECB-4C3B-AFBD-6AD1BE1F5BDB
  1. Mix thoroughly, keep the lid and cook on slow flame. 1A569807-DF8D-4A21-B3FB-702510F189F5
  1. Stir the ridge gourd pieces at regular intervals and again keep the lid. 87DCBCF6-63D0-479D-9D13-869564B5E8F7
  1. Take 70 gms or three fourth cup of telaga pindi and add this to three fourth cooked pieces. 8B6E20DA-A99A-49AB-98C8-5D35F66EB682180DAB49-D617-43CB-A7B1-40782DB7D13B
  1. Mix thoroughly and continue to cook for three more minutes. 9E455780-D4C6-4D33-8A40-72EBC6729233
  1. Meanwhile grind garlic flakes and red chillies into coarse powder.37E76ABF-1FE7-48E2-9365-21627C5BDD4C
  1. Add this also to the ride gourd pieces and mix well. B1EC8703-F1BC-46A0-BDF5-3361B009B110
  1. Now add remaining one tbsp of oil and mix thoroughly. 6410C872-93D1-4836-9829-2ECCE81BC527
  1. Cook again on low flame for 3-5 minutes. Switch off the flame and add the tempering now. A11B7C60-BB5A-4460-A591-A776B2B33082
  2. Mix thoroughly. Now the beerakaya telaga pindi kura is ready to serve. 622AF327-D48C-477A-8D36-8BFF86E65645
  3. Transfer the beerakaya telaga pindi kura into a Serving bowl and serve hot with steamed rice.10503561-A7F1-4E84-8247-D32853C06BE0


I’ve prepared potlakaya telaga pindi kura. The recipe is same as above except using the vegetable potlakaya/snake gourd. Before adding telaga pindi cook or fry the potlakaya and proceed the same.63A14FE1-35F0-4F01-813F-C1FD9A19272F

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