7 Taste Uthappam

The 7 taste uthappam I first tasted at Saravana Bhavan, Chennai when I was doing my post graduation. I still remember the taste of it also the coconut chutney, rava kesari and  coffee. For rava kesari I used to order mini tiffin always. It’s unique. Got inspired and made so many times 5 or 7 taste uthappam but now truly got an opportunity to share this.The toppings we use for making 7 taste uthappam are completely individual choice. I used onion, tomato, sweet corn, choco syrup, tomato ketch up, coconut chutney and idly karam podi. Kids love to have with choco syrup and tomato ketch up. Here I present delicious 7 taste uthappam to pamper our taste buds.Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!


Uthappam batter: 2 cups

Onion: 1 small no.

Tomato: 1 small no.

Sweet corn: 1 cup (fresh/frozen)

Idly chilli powder: 1 tsp.

Tomato ketchup: 1 tbsp

Choco syrup: 1 tbsp

Coconut chutney: 1 tsp.

Ghee: 1 tsp

Oil: 2 tsp for frying.

Method of preparation:

1. Take 2 cups of uthappam batter into a bowl.

2. Heat dosa pan , sprinkle water to check temperature. Once the water evaporates immediately, the tawa is ready to make uthappams. Put one spoon of oil and spread with ladle.

3. Now pour uthappam batter using small ladle to get small sized 3 uthappams.Sprinkle little oil on uthappams.

4. Fill the uthappams with onion, tomato and sweet corn toppings separately. Roast the uthappams on both sides keeping on low flame.image (32)
image (33)
5. Once they are cooked transfer them to a plate. Now three uthappams are ready.

6. Now pour 4 more uthappams on dosa pan and pour 1 tsp of oil onto them. They are plain uthappams. Flip both sides and fry till they turn into golden brown colour.image (34)
image (35)
7. Transfer them to a plate where already 3 uthappams are there.

8. Now pour 1 tsp ghee and sprinkle idly karam podi on one uthappam. And on another uthappam put 1 tsp of coconut chutney. In Other 2 uthappams garnish one with tomato ketchup and the last uthappam with choco syrup.image (36)

9. Now the 7 taste uthappam is ready and can be served with sambar.image (37)


Here I didn’t add green chillies. If you want your uthappams to be more spicy finely chopped green chillies can be added.Grated fresh carrot or mixed bell peppers (yellow, red and green capsicum) also can be added as toppings along with finely chopped curry leaves and coriander leaves.