Chutney Podi

imageChutney podi

Chutney powder is a South Indian condiment commonly used for breakfasts to add flavour and as an accompaniment. The powder is tangy and spicy too. There are many variations to prepare chutney powder depending on the region. Today what I’ve blogged is completely my mom’s version. One of my readers asked about chutney powder, today I’ve got an opportunity for posting it. The chutney powder is very handy especially when you don’t have time to prepare chutneys for idly or dosa during busy days. Here I present flavourful and spicy chutney powder to serve as an accompaniment for idly/dosa or Upma. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!

Author: Akshayakumbham
Course: Condiment
Cuisine: South Indian
Servings: 10-15


Chana dal: 1 cup

Urad dal: half cup

Coriander seeds: 3/4 th cup

Dry copra powder: 3 tsp

Red chillies: 10 – 15 nos.

Cumin seeds: 1 tbsp

Tamarind: Small lemon size

Salt: As required

Oil: Few drops for roasting.

Method of preparation:

1. Heat kadai and just drizzle few drops of oil. Put chana dal and roast for one minute keeping on low to medium flame. Adjust the flame whenever required.image

2. Now add urad dal and roast chana dal, urad dal together.image

3. When they slightly turn into light brown colour, add coriander seeds and cumin. Roast them till they change into golden brown colour.image

4. Now add red chillies and tamarind too. Fry them for a minute and switch off the flame.image

5. Now add dry copra powder and mix thoroughly.image

6. Transfer the roasted ingredients onto a plate and allow them to cool down to normal temperature.image

7. Take a mixer grinder, put all the roasted ingredients and required amount of salt into it.image

8. Grind the ingredients into coarse powder.image

9. Transfer the powder onto a plate and rest for two minutes. Because while grinding some amount of Heat generates.image

10. Now spicy chutney powder is ready to serve with idly along with chutney. Drizzle generous amount of chutney powder with ghee onto the idly and enjoy.image

11. Keep it in an air tight container to retain it’s freshness and aroma. The shelf life of the powder is one month.