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Gongura Pappu/Red Sorrel Leaves Lentils

December 29, 2017 2

Gongura pappu Gongura pappu is usually prepared with red sorrel leaves having white stems. But…

Sorakaya Pappu /Bottle Gourd Lentils/Lauki Dal

December 15, 2017 4

Sorakaya pappu This recipe is prepared with yellow lentils(Moong dal/pesara pappu) and bottle gourd. Moong…

Fenugreek Greens Lentils/Menthikura Pappu/Methi Dal

November 30, 2017 0

Fenugreek greens lentils/ Menthikura pappu/methi dal Green leafy vegetable, advised by nutritionists to include in…

Pesara Pappu/Plain Moong Dal

November 18, 2017 1

Plain moong dal Moong dal/yellow lentil  is a comforting and nutritious food for all ages…