Jilakara Karam/Roasted Cumin Chilli powder

imageJilakara karam

Jilakara karam is a spicy powder which is used particularly for stir fry/deep fry. The addition of jilakara karam enhances the flavour and taste too. It’s a simple and super easy recipe which can be prepared with three ingredients. The shelf life of the jilakara karam is two months. Cumin and Red chillies are dry roasted and ground to a fine powder adding a pinch of salt. The ground powder is stored in an airtight glass jar/container. The powder is added at the end of the recipe. The powder can be used for stir fries like ladyfinger, ivy gourd, colocasia, potato, raw banana, snake gourd and many more. Here I present spicy jilakara karam which is used for any fry. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!

Author: Akshayakumbham
Course: Spice powders
Cuisine: Andhra, India
Servings: 10


Cumin seeds: Half Cup or 4 tbsp(Approximately)

Red chillies: 50 gms(Approximately)

Salt: A pinch

Method of preparation:

1. Heat kadai and put red chillies into it. Dry roast them for thirty seconds.image

2. Now add cumin seeds and roast for one minute.image

3. Switch off the flame and add a pinch of salt. Addition of salt helps to retain freshness of the powder. Allow them to cool down completely.image

4. Take a mixer grinder, put the roasted ingredients into it.image

5. Grind them to get a fine powder.image

6. Transfer the jilakara karam into an airtight container. Allow the powder to cool down for five minutes and close the lid of the jar tightly. Use 2/3 tsp of jilakara karam depending on the requirement.image