Lemon Water/Nimboo Paani

The fragrance of a fresh cut lemon is unbeatably refreshing. Lemon is rich in vitamin C and contains antibacterial and antiviral properties which help to boost immunity.Lemon flushes out body toxins when it is taken as a morning drink. And also lemon drink is a perfect summer drink. Here I present simple lemon drink recipe. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!


Lemon: 2 nos.

Sugar: 6 tsp

Water: 4 glasses (Or appx 1 litre)

Salt: A pinch

Ice cubes: Few

Method of preparation:

1. Rinse 2 lemons and cut into two halves. Use lemon squeezer to extract the juice.image (36)

2. Squeeze the lemon juice completely from each half using a lemon squeezer into a vessel.Add sugar to it.image (37)

3. First pour 2 glasses of water and mix it thoroughly.image (38)

4. When the sugar dissolves completely add remaining water,pinch of salt to it and mix well.image (40)

5. Now the lemon drink is ready and pour into drinking glasses. The drink can be served with ice cubes.image (39)


1.The idea of adding just a pinch of salt in lemon juice is to balance salts(Sodium) in the body due to dehydration in summer. It also gives nice taste to the drink.

2. When sugar is added to chilled water it takes lot of time to dissolve into it. So its preferred to add water at room temperature first. the is sugar is allowed to melt completely and the ice cubes can be added later at the time of serving. The lemon drink is refrigerated and can be served when needed.