Lunch Menu # 5

imageLunch menu # 5

imageToday I’ve planned to post my lunch menu # 5. This is quick and easy meal plan. The lunch includes potato fenugreek leaves stir fry(Aloo methi), bottle gourd lentils(Sorakaya pappu), garlic pepper rasam along with steamed rice, a dollop of ghee, sun dried chillies(Majjiga mirapakayalu) and curd. Here I present my lunch menu # 5 to relish. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!


Steamed Rice

Aloo Methi/Potato Fenugreek Leaves Stir Fry

Sorakaya Pappu /Bottle Gourd Lentils/Lauki Dal

Garlic Pepper Rasam


Sundried chillies

imageSun-dried chillies/majjiga mirapakayalu

Majjiga mirapakayalu or voorina mirapakayalu is a Andhra recipe. They are prepared in hot summers. The shelf life is one year. Sun dried chillies are prepared with green chillies. Approximately one kilogram of green chillies are taken. They are rinsed thoroughly and drained completely. A small slit is made with toothpick or clean safety pin or with a small knife. These green chillies are soaked for 1/2 days in thick sour buttermilk with required amount of salt(Approximately 1 1/2- 2 tbsp). After 2 days the green chillies are dried under sun light in a big plate or polythene sheet for one day. Again the same night they are soaked in the same buttermilk for overnight and dried under hot sun the next day. This process is repeated for two more days. The chillies are sundried for 4/5 days to dry completely. The entire process takes minimum one week. Store them in an airtight container. These sundried chillies can be used for one year whenever required. Sundried chillies are sour, salty n spicy with a nice crunch.

The sundried chillies are fried in oil till they change into brown colour.image

imageThis is a very good accompaniment to dals, curd rice and even for coconut rice too.image