Majjiga atlu/Pullatlu/Buttermilk Dosas

Majjiga atlu/pullatlu/buttermilk dosas
Majjiga atlu is very popular and traditional breakfast in Andhra Pradesh. Dosa batter is prepared using thin buttermilk. So they are called as majjiga atlu or pulla atlu because of the sour taste. Pulla or pulupu is sour taste in Telugu .Majjiga atlu are prepared with left over sour curd. The curd is diluted with water to make thin buttermilk. To prepare dosa batter the dosa ingredients are soaked in thin buttermilk instead of water. Soaking in buttermilk gives nice taste to the dosas. After grinding dosa batter the secret ingredients coriander leaves and green chilli are added to the dosa batter. The addition of coarsely ground coriander and green chilli paste gives beautiful colour,flavour and hot taste to the dosas. Majjiga attu can be eaten with chutney/pickle or  without any accompaniment also tastes extremely delicious. I personally prefer to eat majjiga atlu without any chutney. Here I present hot and sour majjiga atlu which can be served as breakfast or evening snack/dinner too. Njoy Cooking,Serving n Savoring!
Raw rice: 3 cups
Urad dal: 1 cup
Fenugreek seeds/methi seeds: 1 tsp
Sour curd/left over curd: 1 cup
Water: required amount for making thin buttermilk.
Fresh Coriander: 1 small bunch
Green chillies: 1/2  nos.
Salt: As required.
Gingelly oil: 1 tsp for one dosa.
(Or any vegetable oil)
Method of preparation:
1. Take one cup of urad dal and three cups of raw rice in a big vessel.image
2. Rinse thoroughly with water. Now add fenugreek seeds image
3.Prepare thin buttermilk by adding water to the sour curd. The curd and water ratio is 1:5(1 cup curd and 5 cups water approximately). Soak them in thin buttermilk. Soak all the ingredients for 4-5 hours.image
4. Now discard the buttermilk imageTake a wet grinder and grind the soaked ingredients adding little water.image
5. Check the batter in between intervals  and if required add water to get right dosa consistency. Add required amount of salt too before transferring the batter into a vessel.image
6. This batter can be used right away to prepare dosas. No need of overnight fermentation. The batter should be  smooth and fine consistency. image
7. Now take one small bunch of coriander leaves. Rinse under water and keep aside. Take 1 or 2 nos. green chillies.
8. Take a mixer grinder put coriander leaves, green chilli and grind them to get a paste.image
9. Take one cup of dosa batter from ground dosa batter and add the coriander green chilli paste. Mix the paste thoroughly with dosa batter. Check for salt, if need be adjust the salt quantity according to your taste buds.imageimage
10. Now the majjiga atlu batter is ready to prepare dosas or atlu.image
11. Take a dosa pan, heat the pan sprinkle little water and season the pan with oil.image
12. Take a ladle full of batter and spread the batter to get thick dosa. image
13. Drizzle one tsp of gingelly oil on the pan. Addition of the gingelly oil gives authentic flavour to  the dosas. Roast the dosa on medium flame.
14. Flip the dosa and roast it the other side too and transfer onto a plate.
15. Prepare required number of dosas similarly.
16. Transfer the dosas onto a serving plate and serve along with favourite pickle.
17. Here in this recipe I’ve served majjiga atlu with mango pickle and thotakura pulusu(Amaranth leaves stew). Check my earlier recipe for Thotakura Pulusu.image
1. Discard the buttermilk after soaking the dosa ingredients. If you add the buttermilk while grinding instead of water, it’s difficult to flip the dosas while preparing. The dosa batter will stick to the pan.
2. Iron pan gives best results for this dosa. If you don’t have iron one, non stick pan also can be used.
3. The pores in the dosa is because of the ingredients soaked in buttermilk, though we prepared dosas without giving enough time for fermentation of the batter. The left over batter can be used for 2/3 days, but season the pan well before making dosas.