Mango cone ice

Summer means full of joy and fun while the sun keeps the weather warmer. Hot summer, Sweet mangoes and cold ice cream blend very well. Who says no to a lip smacking ice cream that’s made at home with natural ingredients. My kids love to have Ice cream any time. Just the three ingredients are enough to make mango cone ice which quenches the summer. Here I present the recipe for Mango cone ice with simple ingredients.

Ingredients :

Mango rasalu: 2 nos.

Full cream milk: 1 cup

Sugar: 6 tsp

Method of Preparation:

1. Clean the cone/moulds to set mango cone ice and keep aside.

2.Rinse the mango rasalu for 2 times and extract the pulp into a bowl.image

3.Now take a blender pour 1 cup of boiled milk, 6 tsp sugar and extracted pulp.Blend the three ingredients together.image (1)

4.Transfer them to bowl and carefully pour into cone moulds.Here my son is helping me with enthusiasm.Dip the ice cream sticks and refrigerate them carefully placing all of them in a flat bowl for few hours or till they are done.image (2)image (3)

5.Once they are set take out from the refrigerator.To remove easily rub between your palms or can be dipped in Luke warm water.

Now the mango ice cream cone is ready and to be served chilled.image (4)


1. Instead of full cream milk condensed milk also can be used but sweetness(Addition of sugar )should be adjusted accordingly.

2. Here I used fruit fork for making cones because I don’t have ice cream sticks at home.

3. Blending can be done two or three times for smooth and creamy texture. For this first blend the ingredients pour into a bowl refrigerate it for one hour.Take out from the refrigerator, blend it one more time and refrigerate it for better results.

4.My mangos are little tangy,so I added more sugar.If the mangos are ripe and sweet sugar quantity can be  adjusted accordingly.