Mint rasam/Pudina Charu

Rasam is a thin fluid made with tamarind, pepper and also other spices. There are so many rasam varieties like dal rasam, garlic pepper rasam,drumstick rasam,Mysore rasam,pineapple rasam(which I already posted earlier) and many more. Here I present mint rasam with a fantastic fragrance.Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!


Toor dal: 1 tbsp

Tomato: 2 nos.(medium sized)

Mint leaves: few(small bunch)

Curry leaves: a sprig

Coriander leaves: few

Garlic flakes: 5/6

Pepper powder: half tsp

Hing: A pinch

Salt: As required

Tamarind: small lemon sized


Mustard seeds: 1 tsp

Cumin seeds: 1 tsp

Method of preparation:

1. Steam boil 1 tbsp of toor dal in a pressure cooker adding 1 cup of water. Soak tamarind for 15 minutes in warm water and extract the pulp.image (49)

2. Cut 2 tomatoes into pieces and blend well in a mixer grinder.keep the tomato purée aside.image (48)

3. Heat kadai/wok pour 1 tbsp of oil put mustard seeds, when mustard pops out add cumin seeds and a pinch of hing to it.Meanwhile crush garlic in a mortar pestle/mini food chopper.image (51)

4. Now add curry leaves, crushed garlic, tomato purée and sauté them for 2 minutes till the raw smell goes.image (52)

5. Now pour 3 cups of water,mashed toor dal and bring it boil. Add finely chopped coriander leaves, tamarind pulp, pepper powder and required amount of salt too.image (53)
6. Boil the rasam for 10 minutes on low flame. Now add finely chopped mint leaves and switch off the stove.image (54)
7. After adding mint leaves don’t boil rasam because mint leaves gives different taste. The heat present in the rasam is good enough to distribute the aroma of mint leaves to the rasam.

8. Now the mint rasam is ready and can be served hot with steamed rice.image (55)