Modak for Ganesh Chaturthi

imageModak/Poorna kudumulu 

Modak is a sweet Indian dumpling specifically prepared during Vinayaka chavithi(Ganesh Chaturthi). Modak is popular with Different regional names like kudumulu (Telugu), kozhukattai(Tamil), kadubu (Kannada) and many more.We know famous Lord Ganesha’s Sanskrit sthothram(praising God) ” Mushika Vahana Modaka Hastha”(mushika means mouse vahana is vehicle and modaka hastha means carrying modaka in hand). Also it’s mentioned in Ganesha’s asthotharam “modaka priya”(loves modakas). Lord Ganesha is fond of modakams and undrallu(Steamed Rica rava balls). Celebrate this Vinayaka chavithi with utmost devotion and offer the naivedhyams.Here in this recipe I’ve prepared modakas (kudumulu) the traditional way. For the poornam(stuffing) I’ve used the coconut Jaggery Mixture. The mixture(Purnam) is covered with rice flour. Nowadays so many variations for modakams like chocolate modak,mawa modak,dry fruit modak,sesame seeds and jaggery modak. It depends on individual choice. Here I present authentic delicious kudumulu to offer to God Ganesha as naivedhyam. Njoy Cooking,Serving n Savoring!


For outer shell:

Rice flour: 1 cup

Salt: a pinch

Water: 1 1/2 cups(water quantity depends on the quality of rice flour. Adjust accordingly)

Ghee: 1 tsp.

Method  of preparation:

1. Take a non stick pan or Kadai pour water and bring it to boil.image

2. Add a pinch of salt and tsp of ghee.

3. Now switch off the flame and carefully pour the rice flour into the boiled water and mix well without forming any lumps.image

4. Knead into a smooth dough and keep aside.image

5. Now the outer shell which is prepared with rice flour is ready.

For stuffing(poornam):


Jaggery: 1 cup

Coconut: 1 cup

Cardamom pods: 5/6 nos.

Ghee: 1  tsp

Dry fruits: Few(Optional)

Method of preparation:

1. Take 1 one cup of grated fresh coconut.image

2. Now take 1 cup of Jaggery powder. Take dirt particles if any present in it.

3. Now take a Kadai pour ghee into it. Fry the dry fruits cashews and almonds. I’ve added only them.image

image4. Crush the cardamom pods in a mortar pestle.image

5. Add the crushed cardamom to the fried dry fruits and fry them together for a minute.image

6. When they are roasted add grated coconut and fry for a minute.image

7. Now add one cup of Jaggery and mix thoroughly.image

8. Fry the coconut jaggery mixture on low flame stirring In between intervals.

9. When the mixture stops sticking to the Kadai, then the poornam is ready.

10. Transfer the Purnam onto a plate and allow to cool down to normal temperature.

11. Now roll the Purnam to make into equal sized round balls.image

Making of Modak:

1. Knead the prepared rice flour dough.

2. Roll into required number of small balls. Usually we offer kudumulu to God in odd numbers like 7,11, ….. 21.

3. Apply little ghee on both hands Make a round ball , slowly spread the rice flour ball into a thin disc.image

4. Now place the coconut jaggery
Poornam on the disc.image

5. Now carefully close the rice flour disc to cover the Poornam.image

6. Like that prepare all the modakams to get the required number. Gently press them with fingers.image

7. Now take a idly steamer or pressure cooker, pour 3 cups of water.

8. Grease the idly plates with ghee and carefully place the stuffed kudumulu on the greased plates.image

9. Don’t keep the whistle if using pressure cook n steam them for 10-15 minutes.

10. Switch off the stove and allow the steam to cool down. Open the lid and carefully transfer Poornam kudumulu onto a plate.image

image11. Now the yummilicious Kudumulu/Modak are ready to offer to Lord Ganesha. After offering to God as naivedhyam the Prasadam becomes even more tastier.image

12. Consume the Poornam kudumulu on the same day.image


I’ve prepared Poornam kudumulu with hand. We get Modak moulds from the market. You can make modaks using moulds. I personally prefer to prepare modakams with hand.