Onion Uthappam

This is very tasty and healthy breakfast or evening snack preferred by all ages. Once the batter is ready it’s so easy to make Onion uthappam .The uthappam topped with finely chopped onions, green chillies ,coriander leaves and frying with sesame oil/ ground nut oil make the uthappam so yummy.The aroma during frying takes us to different world. Here I present onion uthappam served with coconut chutney.


Uthappam batter:1 cup ( yields one large uthappam )/3 large spoons of batter

Onion: 1 no( big).

Green chilli: 1 no.

Coriander leaves: 1 small bunch

Oil: 1 -2 tsp (Sesame oil for frying dosa)

Method of preparation:

1. Heat dosa tawa for making onion uthappam. Check the temperature of tawa by sprinkling water onto it. If the water evaporates immediately then the tawa is ready to use.

2. Rinse one large onion and finely chop them. Clean green chilli and coriander leaves and chop them too.Mix them thoroughly.image

3. Take uthappam batter check for the salt and pour 1 cup of batter onto heat tawa and spread to make thick dosa.

4. Now put finely chopped onion, coriander leaves and green chilli onto it and sprinkle 1 tsp of oil.image (1)

5. Fry the uthappam on low flame covering with lid for 5 minutes.image (2)
6. Fry till it turns to golden brown colour and flip to the other side.image (3)

7. Pour 1 tsp of oil again and fry till the uthappam is cooked on the other side too.

8. Transfer the uthappam onto a plate and can be served immediately hot with coconut chutney.image (4)

Variation with uthappam batter( dosa)

I tried dosa with uthappam batter adding little water. Really it came out very well. Here I present thin layered dosa with drumstick  sambar.


Uthappam batter: 2 ladles

Oil: 2 tsp for roasting dosa.

Method of preparation:

1. Heat tawa and pour 1 ladle of batter and spread the batter in circular motion to get thin crust.image (5)

2. Sprinkle 1 tsp of oil into dosa and fry for a minute till it turns to golden brown colour. Frying dosa for one side is enough for this.

3. Fold the dosa into half and transfer onto a plate. Likewise roast one more dosa too.
Now the dosas are ready and can be served immediately with sambar.image (31)