Pineapple Kesari(Another Variation)

imagepineapple kesari(Another variation)

The pineapple kesari is almost the same to the recipe which I posted earlier. Instead of adding pineapple chunks I’ve made pineapple into puree and then prepared kesari. Other than that the procedure is same. Here I present succulent and colourful pineapple kesari to offer as naivedhyam during festive days. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!


Same for pineapple kesari mentioned in previous post.(please refer previous post for ingredients)

Method of preparation:

1. Procedure also the same except making purée of pineapple.

2. Take one fourth pineapple, peel the skin and chop into big chunks.image

image3. Take a mixer grinder and make the pineapple chunks into purée. Keep few chunks for garnishing. Also I’ve added few tiny pieces while boiling water.image

4. Take a kadai, pour ghee and fry cashews, raisins. When they change colour add Sooji and fry till it changes colour.

5. Meanwhile take 3.5 cups of water. Bring it to boil, add pineapple puree, sugar and crushed cardamom pods.image

6. Boil the pineapple water with sugar for 2 minutes.imageimage

7. Now carefully add this water to the fried rava. Mix swiftly and thoroughly so that no lumps are formed.image

8. Cook on low flame stirring at frequent intervals till the kesari consistency attains.image

9. Now the piping hot kesari is ready and transfer onto a serving plate. Garnish with pineapple pieces and serve hot.image


1. You can follow any of these two methods. Both give excellent taste. I have added only fresh pineapple. If you want more bright and flavourful , pineapple essence or edible food colour can be added.

2. I have added 3/4 th cup of sugar for 1 cup rava. If you want kesari to be more sweeter one cup of sugar can be added. But few pineapples are very sweet, So adjust the quantity accordingly.