Soya Granules Cutlet

imageSoya granules cutlet

Soya granules cutlet is very healthy and highly nutritious. They are crispy from outside and soft inside.I’ve prepared the cutlet using soya granules,few veggies and the leftover stuffing of aloo paratha. The procedure is very simple with readily available regular ingredients. A Wonderful evening snack for all ages. Here I present very appetising snack to relish. Njoy Cooking,Serving n Savoring!


Soya granules: 2 tbsp

Leftover stuffing: one cup

Carrot: 1 no.

Green peas: one fistful(Fresh or frozen)

Salt: As required

Rice flakes(Poha): 2 tbsp

Oil/ghee: As required for shallow frying cutlets

I had leftover stuffing to prepare cutlets. If you want to prepare with fresh ingredients use 2 potatoes, boil and mash them. To this mashed potatoes add finely chopped onions, coriander leaves, one tsp of cumin powder, coriander powder and garam masala. Remaining procedure is the same.

Method of preparation:

1. Take 2 tbsp of soya granules in a vessel.image

2. Boil soya granules in enough water for five minutes. Drain the excess water using colander and press with spatula.image

3. Transfer the boiled soya granules into a bowl. Put leftover stuffing also into the same bowl. To this add grated carrot, green peas(Either cooked or raw), required amount of salt. Mix thoroughly and keep aside. Already my stuffing has masala and spices. So I have not added any masala.image

imageimage4. Take a mixer grinder, put rice flakes and grind to a coarse powder.imageimage

5. Transfer the powder onto a plate. This is used to coat the cutlets which gives nice crunchy taste to them.I’ve used rice flakes for coating instead you can use bread crumbs for it.

6. Make cutlets from the mashed potatoes and soya mixture into required size and shape.image

7. Heat tawa, grease with oil. Coat all the cutlets with rice flakes powder. Arrange them in a plate.imageimage

8. Shallow fry the cutlets on both sides on low flame till they change into golden brown colour. Fry all the cutlets in batches.imageimageimage

9. Transfer the fried cutlets onto a plate.imageimage

10. Now crunchy and tasty soya cutlets are ready to serve hot with tomato ketchup.image