Sugandha Water

This is traditional Ayurvedic herbal drink made using sugandha panakam. The main ingredient in this recipe is sugandha panakam which I got from an Ayurvedic store. This is a concoction made out of sugandha pala verlu (Vetti verlu), athi madhuram and also other herbs.We have to add for 1 cup of sugandha panakam to 3 cups of water with half a lemon juice to drink. Here I present simple sugandha Water using sugandha panakam for hot summers. Njoy Cooking Serving n Savoring!


Sugandha panakam: 1 small tumbler( Or appx 30 ml)

Water: 3 small glasses( Or 100 ml of water)

Lemon juice: 1 tsp

Method of preparation:

1. Take one small glass of sugandha panakam(Or approximately 30 ml).image (7)

2. Now pour this into big glass.image (8)

3. Take 3 glasses of chilled water(Or 100ml of water) and pour into big glass in which already sugandha panakam was there.image (9)

4. Squeeze half a lemon juice into it or 1 tsp of lemon juice and mix thoroughly. image (10)

5. Now the sugandha water is ready.image (11)


1. Vetti verlu can also be used in herbal bath powder. Or else we can soak them in a big vessel for couple of hours and later can be used for face wash or bathing. It cools the body and relaxes the mind.
2. Sugandha panakam can be mixed with milk like for 30 ml of sugandha panakam with 100 ml of milk and can be consumed as summer drink. This drink is pretty much popular in South India especially Tamilnadu and also few parts of Andhra.

3.If you want water can be replaced with soda too.