Ugadi Pachadi

image Ugadi pachadi

Ugadi is the lunar New Year’s Day of Andhra, Telangana, Karnataka and Maharashtra states in India. This year we are celebrating Ugadi on March 18th. This Ugadi is known as Sri Vilamba Nama samvasthara Ugadi. Purohits or pandits recite panchamga sravanam on this special day. Panchamgam/panchamga is a Telugu calendar which forecasts astrology predictions, important dates of Hindu festivals, details of solar and moon eclipses etc. The celebration of this festival includes cleaning of houses, wearing new clothes and making delicious dishes according to local traditions and customs. Ugadi pachadi is prepared on this special day. The Ugadi pachadi has all six flavours (Shadruchulu){Sweet, sour, salt, hot, bitter and umami } which symbolizes the different experiences in life(Sweet taste is for happiness, bitter is for sadness and so on). Special poojas are performed and naivedhyams are offered to God. Here I present Ugadi pachadi to celebrate the festival. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!

Author: Akshayakumbham
Course: Pachadi/Prasadam
Cuisine: Andhra, India
Servings: 4-6


Raw mango: 1 no. Small

Green chilli: 1 no.

Salt: As required

Tamarind: Small lemon sized

Red chilli powder: A pinch(You can use a pinch of black pepper powder too)

Jaggery powder: 2 tbsp

Neem flowers: 1-1 1/2 tsp

Method of preparation:

1. Rinse well mango, chop them into tiny pieces  with skin.

2. Soak tamarind in one cup of water for 15 minutes and extract tamarind water.

3. Take a bowl, put chopped mango pieces, finely chopped green chilli, jaggery powder, red chilli powder Neem flowers, extracted tamarind water and required amount of salt. Mix well all the ingredients.

4. Now the Ugadi pachadi {Shadruchula sammelanam: The combination of all 6 tastes} is ready to offer to God as naivedhyam along with other delicacies.


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