Uthappam Batter Recipe

Uthappam again one of the most popular South Indian flavorful breakfasts. When the uthappam is frying the nice aroma spreads across the house. I make separate batter for uthappam. We can use uthappam batter for dosas too. But I don’t use dosa  batter for making uthappam. The uthappam is thick dosa with spongy texture roasted in dosa pan. For proper uthappam, fermentation plays major role. During summer overnight is enough for fermentation. In winters almost 20-24 hours of time is required to ferment the batter. We  have so many variations in uthappam like onion uthappam, tomato uthappam, mixed vegetable uthappam , dry fruits uthappam. The toppings of the uthappam  totally depend on your choice and innovation. Here I present uthappam batter recipe.Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!


Urad dal : 1 cup( big)

Idly boiled rice: 3 cups

Fenugreek seeds: 1 tsp

Rice flakes: 1 tbsp(Thick flakes)

Salt: As required

Water: 3 cups for grinding

Method of preparation:

1. In a big vessel put 1 cup of urad dal, 3 cups of idly boiled rice and fenugreek seeds together. Rinse thoroughly under water and drain completely. Soak them for 4 hours together adding enough clean water.After 4 hours drain the water in it.image (25)

2. In a separate bowl put rice flakes, rinse and keep enough water for soaking. Keep it aside for 4 hours.If the rice flakes are thin 1 hour of soaking is good. But I used thick ones.

3. After 4 hours drain the water or else you can use the same water when grinding batter.image (26)
4. Take a wet grinder put all the ingredients adding one cup of water and grind them.image (27)

5. Check the batter for smoothness and add more water to get desired consistency.image (28)

6. This process will take approximately 30 minutes time.

7. Once the batter becomes smooth add  required amount of salt and transfer to a vessel  keeping enough space for fermentation for overnight.image (29)

8. Next day morning mix the batter thoroughly with ladle and use it for making uthappams.After fermentation the batter looks like this after fermentation.image (30)


1. The consistency of uthappam batter is little thicker than dosa batter.

2. While grinding batters for idly/ dosa/uthappam I usually add  chilled water for  maintaining normal temperature of the batter. Because during grinding heat generates and matters a lot for fermentation especially during summers.

3. While spreading uthappam batter bubbles or holes will form in the uthappam. That is the way to check the proper fermentation of batter.