Ganesh Chaturthi


Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi and worship Lord Vinayaka today i.e. August 25th 2017. Promote Use of CLAY GANESHA IDOL(eco friendly). Save environment n thus Mother Earth.
Ganesha Puranam says Worshipping Clay idol is auspicious and sacred. Here is my small effort to explain why Clay (Prithvi) Idol: We all came from planet Earth and in today’s world it’s affected by human activity. Now it’s our responsibility to save nature for the sake of our future. Most importantly, purana says that out of all idols(which are made of silver, brass, gold, etc.)clay idol is most effective and powerful. The food we eat, the clothes we wear and the homes we live are all made from Earth. So we should have utmost dedication towards our Mother Nature. I request my blog viewers to stay eco friendly and spread the awareness.
May Lord Ganesha shower his love n blessings on all of us!!
Om gam ganapathayē namaha!!!