Water Melon Juice

As the name itself tells water melon almost contains 90% of water. Water melon juice is another summer drink to quench our thirst during hot and sultry day. I tried two varieties of juices with water melon. One juice adding sugar and the other one with 1 tsp of honey. Water melon juice with honey can be given to infants above 6 months of age during summers. Here I present very simple, easy yet tasty cool drink for warm weather. Njoy, Cooking, Serving n Savoring!


Water melon: 1/2 size ( Makes approximately 4 glasses)

Sugar: 1 tbsp

Honey: 1 tsp

Pepper powder: A pinch

Method of preparation:

1. Take half of water melon and cut the red portion into small cubes.

2. If the melon is sweet no need to add sugar or honey.

3. Take mixer grinder put water melon cubes and blend it.image

4. Strain the juice using colander. Add pepper powder to it and mix well.image (1)

5. Now I added sugar for half quantity separately and the other half with honey.image (2)

6. Transfer the juice into glasses and garnish with finely chopped water melon pieces.I refrigerated the water melon for couple of hours so didn’t add ice cubes. If you want can add them too.image (6)image (4)

Check the melon for sweetness before making juice. If it’s not sweet in taste then only add sugar/honey. Otherwise it’s always better to take in fruit form rather than juice.