Jantikalu is one of the most popular snacks of South India. Each one of us must have fond memories of munching this snack at some point of time during childhood. Jantikalu in different forms is a must for several auspicious occasions, be it Varalakshmi vratam, krishnashthami, sankranthi and deepavali festivals or upanayanam, baby shower and naming ceremonies. Kids and elders relished jantikalu while watching cricket matches during world cup cricket season. The best part of jantikalu is it’s crunchyness, less messy while eating and longer shelf life. The preparation is almost similar to Oma podi except the proportions of rice flour, besan flour and the jantikalu maker. Here I present tasty and crunchy janthikalu to relish anytime! Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring! 
Author: Akshayakumbham
Course: Snacks/traditional recipes 
Cuisine: South Indian 
Servings: 20-25
Rice flour: 1 1/2 cups 
Besan flour: 1 1/2 cups
Ajwain powder: 2 tsp (Optional)
Salt: As required 
Red chilli powder: One tsp 
Water: Half cup + little more or as required 
Oil: For deep frying.
Method of preparation:

  1. Take equal quantities of rice flour and besan flour in a broad vessel. FF6A44A1-B2A4-4A6C-AB25-4B92E6D382F6
  1. Add required amount of salt, red chilli powder and ajwain powder(I’ve prepared ajwain powder while preparing Oma podi. I’ve used two tsp of ajwain powder which was remained after preparing Oma podi). Cumin seeds or sesame seeds can be added instead of ajwain powder.4D6BB5C8-84B6-4190-8FD5-21F91FFDDFA0
  1. Mix thoroughly and add required amount of water to form smooth dough. A8CBF429-6E43-493A-AA99-9D0B20A8221B
  1. Heat Kadai and pour oil for deep frying. Take janthikalu press/maker and fill the mound with dough, press the dough onto a plate.FD98D8B3-F8D5-48A0-94D3-C33AFC882F66
  1. Carefully drop it in hot oil. Fry it on medium to high flame. Likewise fry 2/3 at a time. A12D3B54-F153-43A1-84B6-2A9FA5E941CA
  1. Once they turn into golden colour transfer them onto a plate containing kitchen paper towel to absorb excess water content.94BB8B83-780D-48DA-9074-CF1A75F549EB
  1. Similarly fry the entire dough into janthikalu. 
  1. Now the traditional recipe janthikalu is ready to serve and enjoy. 1CD19DD9-7B4C-4FEB-AF01-94630B9D50B9

Janthikalu press I’ve used has two jalis/plates, one is plain with medium aperture and the other star ones. You can use either of them or both. For janthikalu I’ve used plain ones and for preparing murukulu we use star ones. Murukulu is also prepared in the same way but urad dal flour is added(one cup of rice flour + 2/3 tbsp of urad dal flour).
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