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Kobbari louz/laskora is a traditional recipe prepared in South India. The recipe is very healthy n tasty with rich source of iron. Grated fresh coconut and organic jaggery powder are mixed and sautéed on low flame adding Half tsp of ghee and crushed cardamom powder. The sautéed mixture is made into medium sized balls and garnished with cashews. Here I present authentic recipe kobbari louz to relish anytime. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!
Author: Akshayakumbham 
Course: Desserts/Sweets
Cuisine: South Indian 
Servings: 10
Fresh grated coconut: 1 cup heaped 
Organic jaggery powder: Half cup
Ghee: Half tsp 
Cardamom pods: 4 nos.
Cashews: 7/8 nos. for garnishing(Optional)
Method of preparation:

  1. Take one cup of fresh grated coconut(Using one coconut) and half cup of jaggery.  Organic jaggery powder doesn’t contain impurities so we can directly use the Jaggery powder.9688D91E-D93A-4516-BEFF-827202C39C37
  1. Heat kadai, put coconut and jaggery together.DFA109DE-76C2-450A-9F69-28BBFF286FA4
  1. Mix thoroughly and sauté on low flame. 4F4DB85A-3F9C-4BC7-81A5-194C2448D9F9
  1. Crush 4 cardamom pods in a mortar pestle.C6AF07CA-DF09-4B02-9606-D92C012D191D
  1. Add ghee and crushed cardamom powder into the coconut jaggery mixture. 7D47CBE9-9762-41C8-A0E6-423DA8372D5E
  1. Mix thoroughly and continue to sauté till it leaves the sides of the kadai. It takes approximately 15 minutes.2D339F09-2780-47EB-952D-222BBEFD47D008D7CA88-0C30-40A9-BB09-D2DDA82DA0CE
  1. Allow it to completely cool down to normal temperature. Now make it into medium sized balls. 8A422DB0-15EA-4D5C-8812-C51E38E6FF75
  1. Transfer the prepared coconut balls into a Serving plate. Now They can be served right away. 9C31E823-2C04-4645-9C5F-8B9FA85C2AEC
  1. Now the kobbari louz/laskora is ready and Garnish each laddoo with cashew and enjoy.3A7A1230-BCED-4C37-8D2C-2CDC2983B531

kobbari louz can be used as stuffing for making coconut bobbatlu/sweet roti/puran poli and also kobbari poornam  boorelu.
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