7474034C-56CA-4D14-85E2-8040AC10B0C1Pindi deeparadhana/maa vilakku
Pindi deeparadhana(Lamp prepared with rice flour) is a ritual in almost all parts of Southern India for special poojas like sravana mangala gowri vratham and sravana sanivaram/Saturday Pooja.  Sravana mangala gowri vratam is a special family custom, performed by newly married women for five years  for the well being of their husbands. The vratam is performed in Sravana masam(Usually falls in August) on every Tuesday lighting five rice flour lamps(The minimum number of lamps are five and the number varies each n every year from five lamps to twenty five lamps depending on family traditions). Whenever we visit Tirumala(Abode of seven hills, Lord Venkateswara Swamy temple) also , we perform the pooja with pindi deepam(lamp with flour) and share the laddoo prasadam  with friends n family. We also perform the pooja for “Aadi krittika “ , auspicious day for Tamilians[Worshipping Lord subrahmanyeswara swamy]. Here I present how to prepare the pindi deepam during special pooja rituals with utmost devotion. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!
Rice flour: 4 tbsp
Cow ghee: 1-2 tsp
Jaggery powder: 2 tbsp(Adjust the quantity according to your preference)
Water: Few drops for binding
Vatti(Cotton wick): 1 no. {Ingredients for one lamp}
Method of preparation:

  1. Take required quantities of rice flour and jaggery powder in a bowl or plate.E1C7946C-BDFB-435E-8570-A953D99293C2
  1. Mix thoroughly dry ingredients. 28BF41B2-857F-42D8-9FDD-C29B82BFE717
  1. Now take pooja plate and spread some of the rice flour and jaggery mixture onto the plate and keep aside.6E72FEDB-72B1-44B5-B594-5EDF5E01200B
  1. Now drizzle little water to the remaining mixture, grease palm with ghee and knead it into dough. B6F1F06A-5021-4414-A466-FC43F737B947
  1. Make an impression with finger to get the shape of the lamp. 74A20DAE-C682-4D30-8208-C63318575949
  1. Place the lamp onto the pooja plate containing rice flour jaggery mixture. Keep cotton wick and pour required amount of ghee to fill the lamp. Now the pindi deepam is ready to perform the pooja rituals. Apply kumkum on four sides of the lamp.796694B3-2B9B-4008-96D7-D06A54296BB6
  2. Light the lamp. When ghee gets over we can eat the edible lamp as prasadam along with other delicacies or fruits. The black part of the deepam/lamp is very tasty.7474034C-56CA-4D14-85E2-8040AC10B0C1681E6918-C35E-4F95-8F2E-597470FD4357

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