imagePumpkin potmeal
Pumpkin pot meal is so unique and absolutely delicious. I have watched similar kind of rice recipe with pumpkin (Cooked in an oven or tandoor)in an international cookery channel. Inspired by the recipe, I’ve given my own twist according to my family’s taste. It’s so simple if the ingredients are readily available. The flavoured rice is a mixture of all tastes. The ingredients completely depends on individuals order of priority and availability. I’ve cooked flavoured rice along with pumpkin in a pressure cooker. The ingredients I’ve added to the rice infuse flavours into the pumpkin. The pumpkin is perfectly cooked with subtle flavour along with the rice. The Pumpkin Pot Meal is a magical recipe especially to surprise our loved ones. Here I present pumpkin pot meal which is extraordinary in taste and ideal served as hot relish with an accompaniment. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!
Yellow Pumpkin: small
Basmati rice: 1 cup( very small) or appx 5 tbsp.
Water: 2 small cups
Salt: as required
Ghee: 2 tsp
Cardamom pods: 4/5 nos.
Cloves: 3/4 nos.
Cinnamon stick: 1 no.
Cashews,almonds,raisins, blueberries n pistachios: few
Apple: half(finely chopped)
Pineapple essence: few drops(optional)
Honey: 1 tbsp
Red chilli powder: half tsp
Garam masala: half tsp
Method of preparation:
1. Take one small pumpkin, rinse well. Remove the stem and carefully scoop the seeds from it. Keep the stem aside safely.image
image2. Take one small cup of basmati rice, rinse thoroughly and soak in 2 small cups of water for 30 minutes.
imageimage3. Heat a pan and pour 2 tsp of ghee, fry the dry fruits in the ghee.image
4. Now fry the chopped Apple pieces till nice aroma comes.image
5. Add garam masala powder and red chilli powder. Fry them for a minute.image
6. Now add soaked basmati rice along with water.imageimage
7. Add required amount of salt and bring it to boil. Once it starts boiling switch off the flame and add pineapple essence.
8. Now transfer the mixture into a scooped pumpkin. Add tbsp of honey. Leave enough space for rice to cook in pumpkin.image
9. Keep the removed stem as a lid and carefully keep it in a pressure cooker.image
10. Cook the pumpkin with rice on high flame for 5 whistles.
11. Allow to cool down and open the lid of the pressure cool.
12. Transfer the pumpkin pot onto a plate and slice the pumpkin.image
13. Now the inviting and delectable Pumpkin Pot Meal is ready (with flavours of honey, pineapple and apple)to serve hot along with mango pickle(mango avakaya). Scoop out the cooked pumpkin without skin along with cooked rice and transfer onto a serving plate with an accompaniment.image

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