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Steamed dosa sounds interesting! Yes, absolutely!! This recipe is served in “chutneys” restaurant with varieties of chutneys. “Chutneys” is a famous vegetarian restaurant in Hyderabad. Steamed dosa is very easy to make. All you need is idly dosa batter. I’ve prepared steamed dosa with idly dosa batter which is very well fermented. The steamed dosa came out very nicely. Steamed dosa is very tasty and oil free, which can be served with any chutney or sambar. I’ve served steamed dosa with jaggery syrup, sweetened grated coconut and coconut chutney. This is a perfect Pooja/Vrat recipe. Here I present a very delicious, spongy, oil free steamed dosa which can be served as a breakfast or evening snack or dinner too. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!

Author: Akshayakumbham
Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: South Indian
Servings: 2/3


Idly/Dosa Batter: 5/6 ladles(Small cup) or as required
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Sweetened coconut:

Grated Coconut: 2 tbsp

Sugar: 1 tbsp

Jaggery syrup

Organic jaggery powder: 1 small cup

Water: 1 1/2 cups

Cardamom pods: 1/2 nos.

Method of preparation:

Jaggery syrup:

1. Firstly, we prepare Jaggery syrup as an accompaniment to steamed dosa.

2. Take one small cup of organic jaggery powder.image

3. Transfer the Jaggery powder into a vessel. Add approximately one and half cups(Small) of water.image

4. Allow the jaggery to melt and boil it.image

5. Boil the syrup on low flame. When it starts boiling add crushed cardamom pod into it and boil furthermore.image

6. Boil for five more minutes or till thin syrup consistency is achieved.image

7. Strain the jaggery syrup using a strainer and keep aside.image

Sweet coconut:

This is a simple recipe which goes well with idly, dosa or poori too.

1. Take two tbsp of grated fresh/frozen coconut. Add one tbsp of sugar and mix thoroughly.image

2. You can use pulse button once in a mixer grinder for binding. Now the sweetened coconut is ready to eat.image

3. Transfer the sweetened coconut into a serving bowl.image

Steamed dosa:

1. Take one cup of idly dosa batter or required quantity in a vessel.

2. Heat non stick tawa. When it becomes hot pour two ladles of batter onto the tawa. Spread the batter to get thick dosa. Do not use oil.imageimage

3. If the batter is well fermented we get nice spongy dosas.

4. Keep the lid and cook on low flame till the dosa is done completely.image

5. This dosa has to be cooked on one side only. Do not flip the other side.image

6. Transfer the dosa onto a serving plate which contains banana leaf. The banana leaf enhance the taste and flavour of the dosa.image

7. Likewise pour required number of dosas and serve them hot.imageimage

8. Now the yummilicious steamed dosas are ready to serve hot with Jaggery syrup, sweetened coconut and coconut chutney.image


If you are using iron tawa for preparing dosas, just use one drop of oil for seasoning. This avoids dosas sticking to the tawa/pan.

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