A70A5264-00C7-4C56-AF27-62290DB7EA0DTiranga burfi
Tiranga burfi is called as maida cake(South Indian). I’ve made tricolour burfi to celebrate the 72nd Independence Day. Tricolour burfi is prepared with just three ingredients maida/all purpose flour, sugar and ghee. This is my mom’s recipe, but my mom used to prepare with Dalda(Sometimes). Maida flour is sautéed in ghee for few minutes. Sugar solution is prepared with sugar and water. Roasted maida is added to the sugar solution stirring continuously. The maida mixture is transferred into three bowls equally. Orange and green colours are added to the two bowls and mixed thoroughly. Now they are spread onto a greased tray with parchment paper and allowed to set completely. The prepared tricoloured cake is cut into required shape and size. Here I present Independence Day special Tiranga burfi to relish with family and friends. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!
Author: Akshayakumbham 
Course: Sweets/Desserts 
Cuisine: South Indian 
Servings: 15-20
All purpose flour/maida: 1 cup 
Sugar: 3/4 th – 1 cup(Adjust according to your preference)
Ghee: 1 tbsp 
Vanilla essence: Few drops(Optional)
Orange food colour: A pinch
Green food colour: A pinch 
Method of preparation:

  1. Heat kadai and pour one tbsp of ghee. Now add one cup of maida flour into it.9FC947B4-1C37-41B1-8341-B57C86516AC6CBB877C7-00CF-47D5-B98B-65A62A8E6228  
  1. Mix thoroughly and roast till raw smell goes away. DA193CBE-2341-4878-8F8B-E4224DAA99C3
  1. Meanwhile heat another kadai, take one cup of sugar and 3/4 th cup of water. Bring it to boil and boil furthermore for two minutes.5B3C39E8-5E12-4BD2-A44E-686BB048009E
  1. Now  add maida flour to the boiling sugar solution without forming any lumps. Mix thoroughly.5E0511BE-059A-4B16-9797-F4FC8A2451AF 
  1. Stir the mixture at frequent intervals.83250E74-D6CC-45BB-B769-DA37F7634394
  1. Now add Few drops of vanilla essence and mix well. 273EB7A6-8347-458F-99EF-B6207570E91F
  1. Switch off the flame, When the mixture leaves the sides of the kadai. Transfer the mixture into three different bowls. The mixture should be little flowing consistency. Once it comes to normal temperature it sets to burfi texture. Now take one pinch of orange and green food colours in two separate bowls and add little water into it. Now add orange in one bowl and green colour in another bowl.89E6ABB9-A1F0-4505-ADBA-9DA559F1712B 
  1. Mix thoroughly. 1A4A9FBB-AC1B-46AB-A13A-015CF1193105
  2. Spread parchment paper into a pan or plate. Grease with little ghee onto the parchment paper evenly. Now first transfer the orange colour maida mixture onto the parchment paper and spread evenly with spatula. E31D5315-DA9B-4F40-BE00-F3D80A0A6148
  1. Wait for few minutes and spread white colour maida mixture onto the orange layer and allow it to settle for two minutes.63B56F33-1044-49FB-924A-1008773D5CA3
  1. Now pour the green colour mixture on top of the white colour mixture and spread evenly. A47D4E09-422D-4B4A-B136-9524B9602F7A
  1. Allow the entire mixture to come down to normal temperature and set completely. Turn the mould upside down and remove the parchment. Trim the edges and use them to make lollipops.8371F6D2-1309-4794-B1AD-090AC49BB0BE411F8FE9-69D6-4A3E-9515-813CAE40A609 
  1. Cut them into small bite size pieces. Now soft and yummy tiranga burfi is ready to celebrate the occasion. C0C5D25A-8F41-4004-AE3C-96E3EDC5B3D0206B9F09-5480-4332-A3A1-A12CB230A540
  1. I’ve rolled Few  of them using skewers and served as lollipops. B02A8A9B-66D3-461C-9458-A29BB4F49967

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