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Tomato bath or tomato upma is a South Indian popular breakfast with slight variations depending on region and individual preference too. Today I’m preparing tomato upma/bath which suits my family’s preference. I’ve used Bombay rava/sooji to prepare the upma. Bombay rava is roasted in little ghee. Tempering is done with tempering ingredients in oil. Chopped onions, ginger and green chilles are sautéed in the tempering. Afterwards chopped tomatoes are added and sautéed tilll they become soft. Required amount of water and salt are added. When water starts boiling roasted rava is added and mixed thoroughly. Rava mixture is cooked on slow flame stirring at regular intervals. Here I present hot and delicious tomato bath/upma which can served with coconut chutney or any chutney powder. Njoy Cooking, Serving n Savoring!

Author: Akshayakumbham

Course: Breakfast/snacks

Cuisine: South Indian 

Servings: 4


Bombay rava/sooji: 2 cups

Onion: 1 no. Big

Tomatoes: 2 nos. Medium sized(If you like add carrot and fresh peas too)

Ginger: 1 inch piece

Green chillies: 1 or 2 nos.(Adjust according to your spice level)

Red chili: 1 no.

Curry leaves: A sprig

Salt: As required 

Cashews: 1 1/2 tbsp

Water: 7 cups(Rava and water ratio; 1:3.5 cups approximately)

Ghee: 2 tsp.


Oil: 1  1/2 tbsp

Bengal gram: 1 tsp

Black gram: 1 tsp

Mustard seeds: 1 tsp.

Method of preparation:

  1. Heat pan or non stick kadai. Pour one tsp of ghee and add two cups of rava into it. Mix well and roast on low flame stirring continuously.12390A9D-0093-4832-8042-D40C43E7A5C7
  1. Roast the rava till nice aroma comes.22A25E75-B504-4175-9F88-B4493D377FDD
  2. Transfer the roasted rava onto a plate. 2B518E73-5176-4C3A-919F-1E2C3DACBAF8
  1. In the same kadai, pour one and half tbsp of oil.
  1. Put Bengal gram, black gram and mustard seeds. A55F0D0A-7F56-4961-AD5C-5BFD3A761271
  1. When mustard splutter add chopped onion slices, chopped ginger, broken red chilli and green chillies. Also add cashew nuts and curry leaves. 6F7B1B9A-4C08-4730-A846-8E45B4510991
  1. Mix thoroughly and fry till onion pieces turn into translucent.EE2D80F9-3ED7-4E92-A9A2-30B52218CF9D
  1. Now add chopped tomatoes too and mix well. DBA88D2E-0C15-4747-B0AF-440CFDEE3CFC
  1. Fry them till they turn into soft and mushy.DFA3975A-ACF7-4367-A130-4B254717E74B
  1. When they turn soft add seven cups of water and bring it to boil. Add required amount of salt too.722AECF8-7871-46A7-B271-E41DCA11FF34
  1. Add roasted rava  to the boiling water and stir continuously without forming lumps.97D80B32-B04B-4EE6-8CFF-5BE25EF1C70C
  1. Keep the lid and cook on low flame. 
  1. Open the lid and mix at regular intervals. Now add remaining one tsp of ghee into it. When it’s done it becomes soft and doesn’t stick to the kadai. 8919605A-5073-47F2-AA26-EDA244D24C9E
  1. Now the tomato bath/upma is ready to serve. Enjoy the tomato bath with coconut chutney or any chutney powder.97641A85-E150-444E-B197-194594F3586F

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